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We got divorced in June . I agreed to the lowest amout possible . That's even less then lawyer out on paper. He makes so much more the me and sell on ebay. How soon can I take him back to court when he don't even keep my boys for a 24 hour period in a week.

Me 39, EX H 40 married 17 years infidelity on both parts . He a serial cheater. I cheated for revenge and ran home to brag. Or make Him mad. He confessed to more affairs after that. We are now divorced living apart . 3 children

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You may want to talk to someone at Domestic Relations.

I was told that once we agree to an amount, we can't just run back a few months later and have it changed because we don't like it. We have to prove that there is a significant, involuntary reason that it must be changed. Other than that, it will be reassessed every 3 years due to rise in cost of living.

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In Illinois, you can modify anytime after D. Make him pay what he owes you and the kids.

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