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User Topic: wi-fi at home for iPad
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Default  Posted: 1:30 PM, December 7th (Saturday)

I finally have an iPad!!! I have internet with Comcast and my own router linked to my dinosaur laptop (linksys-older one) but it was never set to wireless. Is this easy to do? I tried going to my control panel and network but it said there wasn't a router it could find. Is this because I don't have a usb cord connecting the router to the laptop? I noticed and empty plug in the back of the router for usb. If I buy this "usb" cord will I be able to get wireless? Sorry for the non-technical lingo

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Default  Posted: 1:41 PM, December 7th (Saturday)

I have no clue about that other thing you're talking about, but WELCOME TO THE TRIBE OF IPAD!!!

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You'll have to get a wireless router in order to have wireless in your house. They aren't too hard to set up. You can get them at pretty much any electronics stores, and they can tell you how to set it up

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I'm a terrible mooch, but if I were you I'd shoot socold an email and ask him to help you.

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Default  Posted: 7:41 PM, December 7th (Saturday)

You'll definitely need a wireless router.

They're fairly inexpensive these days.

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Default  Posted: 6:10 PM, December 9th (Monday)

I'm on my iPad!!,, yay ...thanks all..I got comcast to help set me up for 80 and bought the router for 35 so I don't have to rent it.

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