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Default  Posted: 8:54 AM, December 8th (Sunday)

Why, two and one half years post DDay and on the verge of D being finalized, do I wake up dreaming about WW's AP? "Holiday cards arrive and one is from her AP" and then his name and image refuse to leave my head space. Ugh! And no, he did not send a holiday card - that was just the dream.

Looking forward to a peaceful existnce, someday.


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I hope you can shake off the dream AND the invasive thoughts, honey. ((((H&C))))

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(((HandC))) may you find a bit of peace today and forget the dream.

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I'm struggling today too.

No advice to give, just hugs and mojo that all of us get through this effing holiday in one piece!

Did you do the SI Christmas card exchange? If so then you should be receiving enough glitter to blot out that bad dream.

Hugs to you

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I am 3 1/2 years past D-day, and once in a while I have a dream about XWH, and it ruins my day.

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