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So, WW has been getting better and better at expressing her feelings, better apologies all the time, and yet I was noticing I was really pulling away from her for a couple weeks.

Fear? Anger? Emotional exhaustion? All of the above.

So to force myself back, I pulled out the emotional heavy artillery and played one of "our" songs as we lay in bed. I shook with emotion as I remembered the woman I had loved. Maybe still love. She cried too.

Then the most emotional sex since the HB faded.

Of course, the next day my armour went up…

But I'm learning I have to take these leaps.

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It takes a lot of time. So taking in the good and enjoying every piece of it is so important.

If she continues to do the right thing you will slowly be able to let your guard down.

Slow is a good thing.

Actions not words, they build the trust back. One step at a time.

Good for you

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