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User Topic: getting off birth control pill and weight
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Default  Posted: 11:50 PM, December 10th (Tuesday)

I have pcos and am having a heck if a time losing 10-15 lbs. I was at about 130 (thin for me) during a stressful time, then slowly gained to my normal 140. Then i got on the pill about 7 months ago and I immediately gained 10 lbs!

I just got off it, and have been peeing a lot. I'm thinking I have some water weight. I also am just not as hungry as I was on the pill and have been eating less.

Anyone had these symptoms after going off the pill? Did you lose the 10 lbs pretty quickly?

Something's going on, I just don't know what! :-)

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Default  Posted: 1:02 AM, December 11th (Wednesday)

Ummmm.. are you having sex?? Because I also have PCO and that's what happened to me when I was first pregnant. So, no, I didn't lose 10#.

Metformin and low-carb diet worked wonders for me.

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Default  Posted: 6:25 AM, December 11th (Wednesday)

I dont think its that, my Dr told me a few months ago that the weights probably fluid. (I went off the pill for other side effects, and mentioned the extra 10 lbs I had gained the first month when starting the pill)

(Sorry if this is tmi)......
I have thought that with the extra peeing, but that's the only symptom I have. I am just hoping that its all water weight and I will pee 10 lbs worth of fluid out!!

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Default  Posted: 7:18 AM, December 11th (Wednesday)

Weight gain is very common with BCP's and was supposed to be less impactful with the tricyclic type pills where the dose of hormone varies throughout the cycle.

I personally always experienced a weight gain with any of them. Plus I didn't tolerate them well at all as I got older. Made my PMS, and mood swings a bit insane.

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Default  Posted: 1:08 PM, December 11th (Wednesday)

oh man, tushnurse! that is me!! I loved the pill in my early 20s, and then got off while I was having kids. Got back on in my early 30s and have gone thru three types... They just don't agree with my body like they did when I was 20.

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