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So my family has a tradition of decorating the tree just the five of us. We go out into the woods we own, chop down an ugly tree, put it in our house and decorate it together. So we are tree trimming away and found a lime in my water...I say, "OK so who adulterated my water" the word rolling off my tongue without thinking. My son laughs and turns away toward the tree. My W looks at me and smiles a crooked little smile and says, "you would think it was me." After a moments hesitation I laughed and hugged her. She said, "it's just apart of who we are now, isn't it?" It was a really nice moment.

It's on some level normalcy but not complacent. It actually feels pretty good.

Take care....

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Dr. Shirley Glass, in her book, suggests that at some time in the future that the couple may be able to find humor in the situation. FWH and I looked at each other and said "Never!" We love humor and it has gotten us through so much in our lives. However, we aren't there yet and don't know if we will ever be.

I am glad that you were able to laugh at the situation and find the humor. I smiled at your W's remark. Happy you were able to enjoy the moment and bond over it.

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