User Topic: Does the crying ever stop?
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I realize it's only been right around a pregnancy hormones..but every time I go a couple of days without crying..something hits, and I end up a sobbing mess AGAIN.
Does this EVER stop?

He left me 18 weeks pregnant with twins for another.I am a Licensed Private even happens to us.

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Yes, the crying does stop. It took years for me to go a whole week without crying. But it does stop eventually. So sorry you are going through this.

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Yes it does. Trust me on that one. (((L+P)))

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Yes, but it does take time. It took months before I stopped thinking about the affair every second of every day. Just hold on. You will make it. Stay strong.

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(((((l&p))))) Hang in there, honey.

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Just know you are not alone. I am also crying constantly, and I have no added pregnancy hormones. Sitting at my desk at work today, I would randomly break down into tears. The second I got home this evening, I sat down on the couch and cried uncontrollably for half an hour. Every time I think the tears must surely be gone, here they come again. Sigh....

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I cried so much for those first 7-odd months that I barely wee'd. I would take regular bawling breaks and hide in the bathroom just quietly sobbing. While weekends without my girls spent laying in their beds weeping a river of tears.

Back then the tears were crippling - these data they are cleansing.

It does stop, I promise. I never thought it would but it did. I still get teary every few weeks but it isn't agony, it is mourning.

Be gentle with yourself.


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Yes it does stop. You're doing fantastic if you go a couple of days with out crying right now. Good grief I cried ever bloody day for months and I wasn't pregnant! You cry as much as you need to. Don't worry about it. Its OK to cry for the death of your M! Its sad. Its hurtful. It deserves tears.

You're going to be so busy with a new baby you deserve to do whatever you need to right now! Don't fuss much about how often it is. You're doing just fine

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Thank you for listening, you guys. You always make me feel like it's okay to feel what I'm feeling..I'm so not used to that.

I wish I could bake all of you some cookies and hug you.

He left me 18 weeks pregnant with twins for another.I am a Licensed Private even happens to us.

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This place is magical, isn't it?

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I am 2 years out and I still cry sometimes. And not pregnant either!

I would say the first 4 months I cried so much that my eyes were always beet red. I would try to put on makeup and all you could see were the RED eyes. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a part in the Walking Dead as a zombie!

My IC says its good to cry. Don't bottle up those feelings.

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I cried every day for a year. Seriously, no exaggeration. I still cry & I've been D'd for 9 months. Now it's more of a 1 x a season. And like SBB said, it's mourning.

Take care of yourself.

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It's good to know that it does stop eventually. I cry most days - thankfully I can hold it together at work, but as soon as I'm home it starts. My son comes home for Christmas next weekend, so I'm hoping I can hold it together a bit more when he's home.

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Yes it stops. Promise.

Right now, its good and normal that you are crying...crying is an emotional release. Tears of grief actually are actually chemically different than, say, hay fever tears. You are getting rid of stress hormones and emptying out your pain so that you can start to heal.

I didn't cry for a least 6 weeks after d-day. Boy, was it a relief when the tears started to flow.

I am sorry for your pain. ((((((lost)))))))

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Once I finally stopped crying, not much brings me to tears anymore. A few tears of joy at my daughters wedding, but otherwise nothing else warrants tears after living with a lying cheating arsehole.

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mmmmm.... cookies....

You are such a sweet and caring person. You will bounce back. Damn four letter word: time.

But it will pass. It is perfectly NATURAL to cry at what has happened!!!


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I cry every day....on the drive to and from work, at my desk and at night....been doing this for 6 months. I'm just separated and heading into D at this point, so I'm like you hoping the hurt and tears will go away.

Hugs to you and all of us going through this.

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(((LP))) I don't know if the crying stops. It hasn't yet, for me. But I am still relieved about my future and more optimistic every day.

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Giant hugs to all of us.

He left me 18 weeks pregnant with twins for another.I am a Licensed Private even happens to us.

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I think I cried enough for both me and the CSTBXWW. She sure wasn't crying. Totally oblivious to what she's done.

Still happens to me 9 months on. I can feel myself mourning the loss of my wife and children. Mostly it's crying for the children and the family life they will no longer have.

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The tears do slow down. At first, I sobbed constantly. Over the past year, the frequency is less, but I do still cry/mourn. I cried when I learned he was engaged to the OW (and no, we are not divorce yet, still waiting for mediation), I cried a lot over the one year anniversary of dday. I accept that the tears are healing and each tear moves me closer to healing the hurt.

I have an easier time accepting the tears over the anger.

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