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Started a time line today. Heart breaking all over again. Going over this again is painful and making me sick. I know I should have done a long time ago. But I wasn't capeable to do so then. I TT'd for months (self protection). And then spent the next year working on my self and helping Teach to heal.

I may not have always done the right thing in our R but I have done a lot of growing and changing. And in so many ways our marriage is better. All I want is for Teach to be happy and to someday be able to forgive me.

I don't know if this time line will do any of that but she wants it and has been asking for a long time. I may not have every answer she needs but ill give her everything I know. And know as fact not an opinion of what may have been.

Need a lot of strength over the next few days and weeks

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A timeline hurts a lot, but you can at least prevent any future TT. I know I can't help you but I wish you luck!

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Good luck:) I'm still waiting on mine!!!
I know u can do it, it's sooooo worth it

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