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Default  Posted: 12:54 PM, December 18th (Wednesday)

I just want to give big hugs to everyone out there that have to choose between presents and keeping the lights on for their kids.

That have to choose between keeping their car and their job over buying much for their kids.

I am there - always there really, but it hurts the most this time of year.

You are still a good parent, they will still love you if there is only one or two things under that charlie brown tree.

Hugs to you all.....

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Default  Posted: 4:28 PM, December 18th (Wednesday)

Walk away from anything or anyone who takes away your joy. Life is too short to put up with fools.

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Thanks, that is so true for so many of us. I would also like to add a small story to this, as it is connected.

During my 8th or 9th birthday my parents had told me that they did not have any money for a present for me that year. I got nothing at all from anyone that year, which was fine, I understood that money was tight, it was always that way for us. Well about a week or two later, my parents took us to a friend of theirs' daughters birthday party. They stopped at a store and bought a doll for the little girl. My heart broke in two that day. Please do not do this to your children, they will remember, and it will hurt them just as much years later as it does that day.

This year money is tight as usual, I am not going to buy any other kids anything, but you better believe that we are getting our kids something. Our kids are the most important thing to us, I doubt that other kids remember what gifts you get them, and I do not care honestly if they get upset that I don't get them anything. What is important is that my kids get what they need from me first, before all others.

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Default  Posted: 10:17 AM, December 19th (Thursday)

SG - that hurts my heart just thinking about it.

We have a few things for the kids, but with the electic and the gas both on diconnect notices, and the one car behind a payment already (we wont get into the credit cards!)....well, its just not going to happen.

But the roof will be there, the lights will stay on, the gas will stay on, and the bank will get their money. The best thing we can do for the kids is to stay afloat.

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