User Topic: What did/is WS getting on the first post d day xmas?
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Default  Posted: 2:57 PM, December 19th (Thursday)

The other tread about what did you VS OM/OW get last Christmas got me thinking about this.

First Christmas post d day for me. WW is getting nothing. I told her that a month ago and that I also want nothing. We will each fill our stocking to keep the dream alive for DD and DS (if he still believes).

A few months ago I was having a really bad day and my coworkers/fellow BS member told me to get WW a gift to help. Bahahaha, I did! I am still here and did not kick her arse to the curb like I probably should have. Maybe next year?

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Last year I went above and beyond and got WH a really great gift, and made it a COMPLETE surprise. I put a lot of effort, thought, and love into the gift......only to find out ON CHRISTMAS DAY that he had sex with his ugly, old co-worker like I suspected.

This year...he has gifts that he picked out himself...not very many...mostly clothes.

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A new furnace for our vacation house. THe old one crapped out suddenly last week.

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He is still alive and breathing.
Enough said!

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I got him a few things prior to dday #2. They are under the tree. Nothing for me is there. dday #1 was in Jan. so almost a year had passed before Christmas. I don't know what I got him.

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Default  Posted: 4:12 PM, December 19th (Thursday)

Whatever OW is getting him?

So far each of the kids wants to get him a gift card, so I guess that's what he's getting here.

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One year for Christmas he didn't bother to get me anything. We stopped exchanging because I'm unemployed, but he didn't bother to take the kids shopping to get me a small gift. I'll be surprised if there's anything under the tree for me this year.

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Last year (after Dday 1) I bought him a very expensive shirt he had mentioned in passing that he wanted, and some cologne. He took a photo of himself wearing the shirt and a Santa hat, and texted it to OW.

This year (after Dday2) he's getting a book and a travel coffee mug.

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He's getting my middle finger way up in the air!!

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Christmas Day will be 27 days after d-day, he is getting sweet F### all!!! It's all I can do to have him in the house.

I haven't known a minutes peace for three weeks now, his remorse and begging for forgiveness is just not penetrating my brain or my heart.

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One of those photo books you design online. We took a bunch of pictures at H's parents' house, where he grew up, when they had to leave it and move to assisted living about 7 years ago. I had everything ready to design and order the book last Christmas, when my dad got really sick and had to go to a nursing home, and got busy with that. (Obviously)

That was the beginning of mean old me "not being sensitive to H's needs". Glad I put the effort into helping my dad. He was a much kinder and better man than H, who started the A he felt entitled to, only 2 weeks after Dad died. Asshole.

Anyhow... I decided to make the book this year, so if I move out he will have it to remember his life with my ILs, who were good people and would have been appalled at H's asshattery.

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We are buying each other a trip out of town for New Years since he was with her last year during that time

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I can't even think about it. My memories of last Christmas are terrible. According to the phone records he was texting his favorite hooker Christmas Day. #areyoukiddingme

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My d-day was the first week of Dec. For that Christmas, I tried to get him the things he asked for. I was in that "love your spouse back into the M" mode. One of those things was a Cryptex from the Da Vinci Code. While he was gone I went into full on snoop mode and insisted he tell me the combo. It was "TRUST". Because according to him, I should have been trusting him. Yep- I dig at me, not a reminder of what he needed to earn.

I got a pair of boots, a season of Animaniacs and an iPod I made him return because I had one, just older. He never used the money to buy me something different.

He also, at some point, managed to text xOw2. The A was still happening. Through Christmas, New Years, him leaving for Iraq, our 13th anniversary and Valentine's Day. In fact it was late March before he sent a NC letter because she had his car and he was afraid of what she would do.

So Christmas was hard for me. Still is.

OTOH- he said it was the best Christmas ever and he could see how much I loved him.

Then why sneak off to text her and continue the A? It never makes sense.

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Last Xmas I got him a really nice watch. I saved up for almost the whole year to get it for him. He quit wearing it on Dday. Then I overheard him telling someone he had forgotten at OW's house one time and didn't want to lose it.

The next time I saw it around he house, I "retrieved" and kept it. He either didn't notice or doesn't miss it because he hasn't said one word about it to me.

This year, my gift to him is his freedom…to be someone else's problem.

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Default  Posted: 6:44 PM, December 19th (Thursday)

Nothing. Except maybe some coal in his stocking, but even that would be a stretch bc it would require some minimal effort on my part.

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The first Christmas post D-day I left a Christmas card on his pillow. He was in the guest room at that point.

Inside the Christmas card I wrote a message something along to the lines of, "For your gift this year I am giving you your freedom to be with Trixie the Wunderslut. Please pick up the divorce papers at my lawyers office at [address]. Merry Christmas."

The most amusing part in it is that he acted as if he had not seen a thing!

I did, however, take his daughter (my stepchild) shopping for a present for him. I have no recollection of that gift.

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last Christmas was the first one since Dday - and he was in an affair over Christmas.
Lump of coal in stocking. Not kidding.

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He didn't get shit. They didn't make it past 3 weeks after I found out and she moved out. Apparently he couldn't handle what the reality of being with her was like (kids, depression, still in love with me, me always going to be around for my kids etc.)and she couldn't handle the life she left behind (me having fun, hanging out with her friends, family outings with the kids, Ffamily life) I got a bad ass MAC lap top. She ssaid she has been half assing gifts to me for years (True) I totally forgot what I got her lol

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Last year I was told no contact had been maintained - I got him a picture of the airplane he flies - framed and matted. He gave me a really nice massage package. I thought it was odd since it is totally NOT his style. Little did I know....

This Christmas? So far I have picked up a dark chocolate bar for his stocking -

We are working on reconcilliation but I am not planning to do anything big or touchy/feely for him. I'm just not there.

With that.... because I DO still monitor his email and credit card I know there have been two gift certificates purchased for a certain clothing store AND a pair of earrings purchased. Can ya'll guess what will happen should *I* not receive those things?

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Can I ask: WHY?

This year (after Dday2) he's getting a book and a travel coffee mug.

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First Christmas after Dday, he got a football jersey. The family wouldn't have understood why he wouldn't have received anything. It was simple and brainless. I think he was happy to receive anything...more because I thought of him. Not the value of it. He still has that jersey. I barely remember that Christmas.

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I bought him a new bed. He has bitched about our bed for 3 years so I got us a new one.

I have no idea what he's getting me. He can't give me what I want so it doesn't matter.

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Nothing. And I didn't get him anything either. We were both zombies at that point and I was just grateful that I could manage to put some sort of Christmas together for the kids.

This year is our second, so I don't know yet. He has always been a run out the night before so I don't get in trouble type of present buyer, so I am not setting the bar too high.

We shall see. He knows holidays are important to me, so maybe.......

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He's getting a lump of coal. Someone has been very naughty (with an emphasis on HO HO HO).

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I got him a Keurig coffee maker.

I bought it before d-day, I thought about returning it but I wanted one too.
Not sure what he got me, but the presents are piling up under the tree

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Can I ask: WHY?

I guess that sounds like I'm sending him on a trip, doesn't it? We're still in R.

The book is a 3 volume set he's been wanting for a long time. The travel mug is because we don't have any currently that have lids, and that's what he asked me to buy him. Oh, and I bought him a bag of Bridge Mix.

He actually said he doesn't want me to get anything for him at all. I'm kind of ok with that. We're in a 'good place', I guess, but I'm really not feeling like lavishing him. My heart is still skiddish.

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My WH is getting a book. How to Help Your Spouse Recover from Your Affair , in the mail, cuz I've separated from him. Ordered it from Amazon today. Maybe it'll help? Sick of dragging that bus up a hill.....spelling out what I want and need. What I really need is an Instigator of healing and communication, not just a Responder We shall see

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Almost 4 months from dday--he is getting nothing and I want absolutely nothing from him. Even told my 21yr old I would give her the money to take her little(10 & 8)sisters out to get my gift because I dont want him participating in that either. His gift is he is still in the house and not living on the street


I got him a Keurig coffee maker.

I would change the tag "to me from Santa" lol

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He's getting my middle finger way up in the air!!

Nearly wet myself laughing at this one, (hugs)

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Can ya'll guess what will happen should *I* not receive those things?

He will be getting his balls on a platter for Christmas....just a guess.

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Ok so maybe I'm going a little passive aggressive on this but he's getting a "happy" themed gift. We are a little over 2 months in this and i get the excuse- I'm not happy, haven't been happy for a while so
Movies with happy in the title (pursuit of happiness, happy Gilmore), books with happy in the title and maybe some wall art with sayings about "happy". Working on this little happy gift this weekend! Maybe he will find new ways to get that happy back that don't include his honey bunny slut!

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Last year I was pregnant and we were moving. I got him sweet fuck all! It was a gong show just trying to move! He was being a dick and dragging his heels. It was so embarrassing as my parents had to intervene to get us out of our rental in time!!! I begged him to pack on the weekends - I have him 3 months notice that I wanted to move too but he just refused and quite frankly threw a fit over it!
The nerve!
This year he bought a toy online with my blessing - that is until I saw it was 2.5 time more expensive than I thought.... I have no energy for this little man child! :(
Bah humbug!

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My WW spent last Christmas texting her OM, so it kind of ruins Christmas for me. However, I am going to get her something nice, like I always do.

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Herpes, I can only hope.

I'm no longer with him. I left his sorry ass.

Be careful - that 'knight in shining armor' may very well be nothing more than an assclown wrapped in tin foil.
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Nothing. I don't think she's getting me anything either

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I've struggled with this. It's the first Christmas since DDay and we are in hellish limbo. His A is still going on and it's just brutal around here.


He had picked out his own "big" gift already...had pre-ordered it, in fact and then said, "hey...I know what I want for Christmas!". So he is getting that from me and the kids. The kids each like to pick something out for him. From me, he is getting a pair of leather gloves (because he asked for a pair and I'm having a hard time coming up with anything on my own in this moment), and candy and some odds and ends in his stocking.

As a family we have always really enjoyed Christmas, the kids don't know any of this is going we are doing our best to keep up appearances....

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Besides the extremely pissed off, raging wife?

Let's see...A huge Amex bill.

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Since he likes to build Xmas villages during the Holidays, I have been buying him figurines and different buildings for the last few years. He's got some collection thanks to me!!

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Nothing. This is the first Christmas post DDay and we are now divorced. He's no longer my problem.

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I seriously can NOT remember!

I found out just before his 40th B'day and was planning a party and was just about to order him a very nice pool table. In the end, I got him nothing as I just could not manage to celebrate "him".

That Christmas is a complete blur.

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He is getting a pair of cufflinks. With a Mario mushroom on them. To match the tie clip he got at comicon.

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After Dday, FWH said he didn't want gifts at all anymore from anyone. He told everyone that if they insisted on giving him something they could donate to our daughters college savings. So I got him something little the first yr from our dds. Im doing the same this yr.

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The first Christmas after Dday he didn't get anything. I haven't decided what I'm doing for him this year. He has recently stepped up in helping me heal and fix himself, so I do want to get him something that shows I appreciate him.

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The first post Dday Xmas my WH was fortunate to still have me and the M. That's it.

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