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Default  Posted: 2:20 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I bought a new bed when I moved, but left all of the sheets with the Ex. I wasn't sure which ones Skank OW slept on and didn't want her grossness in my new place.

I picked up some sheets from TJ Maxx, but they're pretty scratchy. So for Christmas, I want to treat myself to a nice, soft, delicious set of sheets. I would like good quality that feel like butter against your skin.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find good quality, comfy sheets without breaking the bank? Or any suggestions on how to shop for them?

The last nicer set of sheets I bought with the Ex ripped almost right away.

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Default  Posted: 5:12 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I adore jersey sheets. I also have a stabbie chic blanket from target it is the bomb.

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Default  Posted: 6:03 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I always get mine on sale at bed bath and beyond with a coupon. I seriously stalk their clearance section on a weekly basis.

Except now I live overseas, so I'm just going to pick some up next time I'm in Egypt.

Ps - you want high thread count, good quality thread (look for Egyptian cotton, bamboo cotton, etc.), and be sure to check the stitching in the seams.

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Default  Posted: 6:43 AM, December 20th (Friday)

Rainbows - I get my sheets at Tuesday Morning. Not sure if you have one nearby, but you can get yummy soft, high quality sheets at really great prices.

And thank you. This reminds me to stop by there this weekend.

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Default  Posted: 6:58 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I bought my last sheets at Overstock. com They have held up very very well. They were not a brand I recognized but they were FRIGHTFULLY expensive (regular price) and not cheap at Overstock. But I think they will last forever...

I like the feel of Wamsutta sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond and other stores such as Belk, but after a few years, they split, every single set... And they market as "high end" sheets so I am disappointed with that.

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Default  Posted: 7:04 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I've caught some REALLY good "white sales" at before - and we're talking 80, 90% off. They only do it so often, but it's worth checking now and again because the savings are incredible.

Otherwise, I go to Macy's. I know, they tend to be a bit more expensive, but I've found that Macy's tends to stand behind their product and they'll happily exchange or refund if something goes bad (which, thankfully, is rare - they do sell quality stuff).

I once bought 800 thread count sheets there - so expensive. But SO HEAVENLY. It was like sleeping on clouds.

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Default  Posted: 7:41 AM, December 20th (Friday)

High thread count pima cotton. I got mine at either Penney's or Kohls a few years ago and love them.

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Default  Posted: 7:42 AM, December 20th (Friday)

The last set of awesome sheets I got for a decent price was Sam's. They were $40.00 for a king size set, and they were 800 count. The funny thing is they were thicker than normal sheets, and have held up great, they almost have a flannel feel to them but they aren't.

Anyway, I use flannel sheets all winter. They can usually be a bit cheaper than the super high count normal ones.

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Default  Posted: 9:21 AM, December 20th (Friday)

Thanks for the information.

I've always heard high thread count, but the different cotton and thread options started to confuse me. I read linen sheets are great, but often scratchy at first. Our nice sheets "split" and I didn't want that to happen again.

We do have Tuesday morning so I'll check it out this weekend. I'll also stalk the other suggestions.

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Default  Posted: 9:33 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I get all of mine at TJmaxx. The secret is to look at the thread count. Anything over 600 is great but I have actually found some 1200 egyption cotton there. Now that is Heaven!

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Default  Posted: 9:38 AM, December 20th (Friday)

Read this article on thread counts before spending a lot of money on higher thread counts.

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Default  Posted: 10:31 AM, December 20th (Friday)

A lot of sheets will say that they're as soft as Egyptian cotton, or similar to Egyptian cotton, etc. And the word Egyptian will be really big font and the rest small, so people mistakenly buy them thinking they are Egyptian cotton. Read your labels carefully - the type of thread makes a HUGE difference.

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Default  Posted: 10:41 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I was also going to recommend Sam's Club. Love the sheets I got there, but goodness that was probably 8 years ago. More recently I've given Costco sheets as gifts, I don't know if they are comparable in quality.

I'd also recommend just looking on Amazon. Haven't bought sheets from them yet, but 1000+ reviews have yet to disappoint.

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Default  Posted: 10:41 AM, December 20th (Friday)

I bought fleece sheets this year--I LOVE them! Much better than velcro--I mean flannel--sheets

You don't stick to them, they are not overly warm, but they are not ice cold when you slide into bed. They are sooooo soft.

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Default  Posted: 10:14 PM, December 20th (Friday)

I've been consistently pleased with Ralph Lauren sheets (I think they're sold full price @Macy's? I get them at Marshall's or TJMaxx). They're soft cotton, and best of all the fitted sheets are good and deep. They hold up well; they're not too outrageously priced...

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Default  Posted: 10:21 PM, December 20th (Friday)

I like a very crisp sheet, so I always buy percale. Research the difference between percale and sateen - to me, this is more important than thread count.

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Default  Posted: 11:41 AM, December 21st (Saturday)

Thanks so much for the information and great suggestions.

I haven't slept well since dday. I generally sleep in 2 hour, restless increments and am hoping the new sheets will help.

I'm really looking forward to having a wonderful, safe space for sleep again.

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Default  Posted: 12:21 PM, December 21st (Saturday)

I have a serious addiction to Restoration Hardware linens. I have a small linen problem in general. Lol I have also had great luck with Calvin Klein.

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Default  Posted: 4:47 PM, December 21st (Saturday)

I'm with Sad in AZ, got a set of fleece at Big Lots for around $20 LOVE them!!!


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Default  Posted: 5:54 PM, December 21st (Saturday)

I like a crisp sheet too. I bought some nice ones at Sears recently. I think they are called Whole Home Luxe. Love getting into bed with freshly washed sheets, one of life's pleasures...

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Default  Posted: 6:19 PM, December 21st (Saturday)

Another vote for fleece sheets. Sunbeam ones are on sale at, wonderful and thick. Mine have held up very well and, like was said, they can even be used year-round because they are not only really warm, but make the bed sooooo cozy to get into in the winter, as well as feeling cool in the heat.

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Default  Posted: 10:15 PM, December 21st (Saturday)

My go to for sheets is Kohl's and believe it or not, Target has some great sheets.



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Default  Posted: 1:36 PM, December 23rd (Monday)

I'm late to the party, but I really like Garnet Hill. Their flannels are very thick, soft, and get better and better with age.

Most of their catalog is available online and they have great sales.

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Default  Posted: 2:16 PM, December 23rd (Monday)

I have had good luck at nomorerack dot com. My favorite sheets are their "hotel new york" 1600 series. They're embossed with a floral pattern, and they are not scratchy at all.
It's a 4 piece set, fitted sheet, top sheet, 2 pillowcases.

$28. I have a king sized bed, and they fit it perfectly. They also are holding up well to mulitple washings. Not falling apart at all, like you'd think $28 sheets would do.

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