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User Topic: A question for a Pharmacy technician
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Default  Posted: 8:51 AM, December 23rd (Monday)

I need to have a second job.
My local continuing education center if offering a Pharmacy Tech class that can be taken concurrently with the Medical Termonology class that is required.
I work 9:30-5:00 Monday - Friday.
I have worked customer service before and loved it and have for the past couple of years thought I would like working in a pharmacy, either drugstore or hospital.
After all that, my question is, do you think I would have a good chance at getting hired somewhere weekends only. I would also be more than will to add some evening hours during the week.
Thanks so much for any feedback.

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Default  Posted: 10:16 AM, December 23rd (Monday)

Not a Pharm Tech, but I can tell you that most hospitals offer a Weekend option for their staff. This isn't just for nurses.

The weekend option is usually 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, which is a lot, and if you can add a 3rd 12 hour shift in is counted as a full time job and makes you eligible for the FT benefits, and usually those are good with hospital systems.

Good Luck.

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Default  Posted: 4:11 PM, December 23rd (Monday)

Thank you tush nurse.:0)

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You are most likely a pharmacy's dream applicant. You WANT to work weekends and are willing to work some evenings. Seems like a no-brainer to me....

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