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I am a gamer. One thing that WH and I had in common is we liked playing first person shooter games (lame I know) and one of my fondest memories of us is when we would play together pre-kids. He always bragged that I played with him and how "lucky" he was to have a wife that liked the same things he did. Since D-day I have rarely played, mostly because I now have two kids under the age of 2 but also because it would cause me to trigger really bad. This past weekend his older boys came over and I thought what the heck....might be a nice distraction. And it was but I noticed that you could chat online. I never noticed that before and I began wondering if WH ever used that feature. So this morning I logged into his account and went through messages. I found nothing except I noticed just a week before our first son was born he sent friend requests to female players (their sn made it obvious they were female) and I thought OMG was there any area that he didn't need validation? He had to have women gamer friends too? For what? Was it not enough that he already had 400+ female friends on facebook and he was playing Mr. KISA to anyone who would let him? He had to take the one thing we did together and contaminate that with his selfish needs too? Was he that bad off???

I do not get him!

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D-day: 07/23/13 cybersex with COW
D-day: 12/27/13 found out he met and kissed a "friend" in 2011
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My ex and I were the same. We played a lot of games together, but he was better than me so he liked to play online against people who had the same skill level as him. He did chat when he played online, with both men and women, but I never heard anything inappropriate when I was around.

But I have always wondered if there was an inappropriate contact when I wasn't around. I started to believe there was.

I let him take both the XBox and PS when he left. I had no desire to play anymore. He ruined that for me too.

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We didn''t do FPSs, but after about a year and a half of WH "going out to hang out with the guys" , leaving me home alone to babysit, I started playing an MMORPG. Same kind of thing as a FPS, but with role playing and fantasy worlds kind of thing. About 2 years pre D-day (which was me discovering years of his secret life and lies, lies, lies-which had supposedly stopped years[?] prior) he stayed home with me more often and played a different MMORPG together. He also
always bragged that I played with him and how "lucky" he was to have a wife that liked the same things he did.

I don''t *think* he actually cyber''d or had an A with any of the people we were friends with in that community, but it certainly wouldn''t surprise me if he did. Those games are full of that sort of thing, from what I understand. Oh wait, I did find chat logs between him and a transsexual male we knew that lasted all hours of the night, but I didn''t see any actual sex stuff-that time. This is not to say that one or both of them weren''t grooming each other for potential A material.

He had to take the one thing we did together and contaminate that with his selfish needs too? Was he that bad off???

My guess is: probably? In my case, it seems that when he was in full throttle "acting out" mode, he was all-in....that no area of anyone''s life was safe.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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My h never used the Xboxlive account for that, we all shared the one, and the girls played minecraft a lot.

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