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I did the last 2days for them. I didn't cry, I cooked, I cleaned, I smiled, I sang, I dressed up, took pictures. I served meals and played games. I even laughed. My children had a great Christmas.

Now they are in bed, I took a minute to myself and my heart felt the full force of the pain that I have ignored by sheer force of will for 2 days.

Oh, it hurts. Knowing he said those endearments to her. Knowing he did those things with her.

My heart hurts so much. I am glad Christmas Day is done.

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Congratulations! You did it!! Be proud of yourself and let the feelings come now that the day is done. Do something kind for yourself and sleep well.

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Huggs you are a champ.. I tried the best I could but found myself a little distant.
Huggs to Us Betrayed moms.

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You're an awesome mom. Your children are very lucky.

Sending love and peace. More hugs.

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What a great mom!

Now take some time to decompress...some time for you. Hugs.

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Congrats! You did it!

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The first one is the hardest. Take some time for you going forward.


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((((dyinghere)))) Be gentle with yourself over the next few days, honey.

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(((((((Hugs)))))))))) back to all of you.

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Congrats to you! I am personally looking forward to next Tuesday at midnight because I want to put 2013 behind me forever. May you get through that day too and more to come. You are clearly stronger than you think!

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