User Topic: Curious- What did you do with your rings?
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Default  Posted: 7:23 AM, January 6th (Monday)

What did you do with your engagement/wedding rings, and what did your spouse do? Did you give them back? Sell them? Save them?

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OW: Escorts/Craigslist (escorts and strip club on our honeymoon!)
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I threw the cheap ring out the back door. Never did look for it or see it again. I guess it is now buried under the foundation of my new house. If anyone ever finds it they will be very disappointed. Didn't really care what he did with his.

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I only wore a white gold band. I threw it into the bay about an hour or two into DD.

This reminds me that I still have the engagement diamond earrings somewhere. My plan was to throw them out the window near where we met so I'd associate that place as the place I threw valuable earrings out the window rather than the as the place we met.

I've decided to sell them and donate the proceeds to a local women's support group. Anything I bought with that money would remind me of that M so that is not an option.

ETA the sad clown wore his for weeks. Then decided to take it off and put it on display right at eye level. He was upset that I threw mine away. During False R he kept urging me to get a replacement. I told him his ring triggered me - my own would be worse.

He ended up burying his in a large planter box he painstakingly built in our new home while I watched on heavily pregnant with our first child.

He wanted me there when he did it - I didn't want to be there.

God I was so proud of that stupid thing. Subconsciously it was a symbol of all of my hopes and dreams. I thought of home grown veggies, herbs, flowers. Sharing the experience with his and my child.

Neither of us grew anything in it and it was often full of weeds. Ironic that it turned out to be a symbol of my reality.

I think the new owners have taken it down - good riddance!

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I sold our wedding bands and my engagement ring.

I used the money I got to have a day at the spa getting mani/pedi and massage, and a dinner with one of my best girlfriends.

And then i used the rest of it to cover the filing fee for the divorce papers!!!!!

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Sold them on craigslist and used the money to pay for my first semester of grad school.

No one wanted to buy his the three times I tried to sell it, so when I moved, it went in the trash can. Oh well!

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My ex wanted the ring (the full set)back, so I sold it to him (less than its value but more than I would have gotten at a pawn shop). I don't know what he did with his. He gave it to (then) OW2. I don't know if she kept it or not when they broke it off. I kind of hope so...

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Mine is a big diamond surrounded by little diamonds. I am extracting the big diamond to give to my son that he can put in a setting when he proposes to the girl he is going to marry. The rest I am selling.

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The diamond in my engagement ring is a family heirloom of mine going back several generations. So I am keeping the diamond for DD.

The actual rings will probably get sold.

My engagement ring is a beautiful antique setting. It will be shame to melt it down. Womp womp.

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Mine aren't worth much, but I'm planning on selling them to put it towards the D. I have like no money for a lawyer and it seems apt.

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Still have the wedding band out of sight somewhere. Might sell it eventually. It's not worth a ton. Don't know what XWW did with hers but she's an idiot if she doesn't sell it. I was able to purchase her engagement ring at cost, and it was later appraised at 4 times the amount I paid for it.

There's a part of me that feels entitled to get it back (though of course I never will). I gave it to her as a pledge of a lifelong commitment that she threw away. So she gets to discard the commitment, but keep the pledge? Say you were buying a house and gave a down payment to the seller and then that same person sold the house to someone else, but kept your money. Ridiculous.

There should be a law against cheaters making off with their engagement rings.

Frankly, if I ever get engaged again, there's no way I'm going to be able to get the kind of deal I got on that ring. Better start saving up...

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I hocked my wedding ring to help me buy a new banjo. Then I wrote a song about it.

I have no idea what The Princess did with hers. She can shove it up her arse.

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I kept all of them. None are worth very much money, I have a thing about not having jewelry that costs more than a car or house payment. I have a total of 5 rings and 5 children. I figured someday they can each have a ring. We have all agreed that the 17 years we were a family was pretty damn good for us and we have fond memories of their father during that time. We choose to remember our family in this way.

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WXH gave his back to me shortly after dday. It took over 4 years to save, but I took the diamond (which I loved!) out of the engagement band and had a very talented goldsmith design and make me a new ring with the diamond and my 3 kids' birthstones. The gold of the rings offset the cost overall. My new family/new beginning ring is simply stunning and I couldn't be happier.

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I stole the ex's band from him and sold both his and my band for the gold $$. I had the stone removed (it is a very nice, valuable stone) and am trying to sell it. My jeweler wants me to make a necklace out of it but no way, that stone is poisoned.

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Mine sat in a drawer fr several years then I decided to sell them at one of those cash for gold places.

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I took back the wedding ring and the band from stbxww. Those along with mine are in a box in a drawer. I have no use for them but I am keeping them for the kids. When they are older and ask specific questions I will tell them what happened and give them the option to do what they will with the rings and other items I kept for them. I kept the wedding album, the wedding tape, and various pictures of WW and myself. Most of it is at my parents house because I don't want it but the kids might in the future. They may want a picture of their parents together when they get older. If not they can toss them then along with the rings.

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My wedding ring was stolen by a cleaning lady we had years ago. WH never replaced it. I only wore my thin band since then. But once I decided to D, I cut it off and taped it to the front of our wedding picture that had already been removed from the wall. Left it at the house when I moved out.

I think XWH is still wearing his. huh?

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I have mine and the Gnat's rings. I plan to sell then at some point, but they're not worth much. I'm hoping it'll pay for some books for school.

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Thanks for the input!

WH said we should sell ours and split the $$. But I was wondering if I'm entitled to keep my engagement and wedding bands and sell them and keep the $$ for myself.

Me: BS 29
Him: WH 29
Together: 9 years, married 3
DDay: August 2010
OW: Escorts/Craigslist (escorts and strip club on our honeymoon!)
Status: Divorcing. All papers filed, waiting on date.

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I sold mine for the cash.
He never wore one. Said it was because of his job.
You take YOUR rings and if you choose to sell them, keep the money.

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Bottom of my jewelery box, in a drawer, out of sight.

I've never worn any of the diamonds or anything else he ever bought me again, either.

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My wedding ring is at the bottom of the Wabash River.

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Had an engraved wedding band.

D-day...took it off and put it in my purse.

10 months later...D finalized...pawned ring and went to casino...played black jack...broke even. Threw chips in purse and carried around for another year...

Until ex-shat married stripper whore a few weeks ago...took chips and hit black jack table again. Had a delightful evening and left table with enough money to treat myself to an excellent, super ritzy steak dinner.

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I took the original promise, engagement, wedding and 12th anniversary rings and had the stones removed and made into a beautiful necklace.

After decades of not wearing his wedding band, FWS had it cleaned and resized and wore it until the day he was cremated. I have that ring.

FWS bought me a new wedding ring on a cruise to Alaska with different stones. My original set had diamonds and emeralds. My new one had diamonds and tanzanite. He also asked if I would wear a wedding band since my line of work was not condusive to wearing fancy jewelry. We got a simple band made of tungsten steel which I wore.

I wore both wedding bands until I lost weight and nearly lost both bands when they slipped off my fingers. Then I wore them on a chain along with the silver cross he always wore. Now the rings/cross/chain sits in my jewelry box. The diamond and tanzanite ring I wear occasionally on the right hand.


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yes you are allowed to keep your own rings and do as you wish.
My ex tried to steal mine. he said if I sell it HE gets the money. Bullshit! its a gift. I sold it and paid bills.

I still need to sell my wedding band which I love. Try diamond bistro.

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Wedding rings are a gift to you, and belong to YOU exclusively.

I took some needle nosed pliers to my wedding band and chopped it up into tiny bits and threw them at WXH. He carefully gathtered up the pieces. He said they "meant something to him". He apparently keeps the pieces, along with his wedding band, on his nightstand.

I have no idea what to do with my engagement ring. It's a beautiful marquise solitaire. It's the only diamond I have ever owned, and I will not likely own another unless I buy it for myself. It really is beautiful, but it just seems poisonous to me now. I wouldn't wear it if I made it into another piece of jewelry, but I can't seem to get rid if it either. So it sits, in my jewelry box.

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Mine are not worth very much money. I have kept them both for my children, maybe one of them will want to use or at least have them.

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I was going to sell mine, I'm going to need the money. It makes me sad to think about it, I loved my rings but to me holding on to them doesn't have a point to me. I think it will just remind me of a broken promise.

Me: BS 29
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DDay: August 2010
OW: Escorts/Craigslist (escorts and strip club on our honeymoon!)
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my 15,000 buck engagement ring she " lost" and called off wedding two weeks later! red flag ignored! then my wedding band I threw in the sewer on D day. no regrets

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Wow, giving the wedding set to the mistress after buying it from the ex wife. That's a new level of klassy.

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Went down to the garage and used a pair of dykes to cut it so that the perfect circle is broken... the symbol of a broken promise.

Set it on the dresser in the exact same spot where she left her rings before she walked out (Oh yeah, she took her diamond when she left). I see it every morning.

Reminds me not to ever get fooled again.

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I popped the stones out and kept them, but sold all of the gold and bought furniture!

One day I'll make earring for my daughter with the stones...

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Sold his wedding band, my wedding set (the diamond was lost years ago and never replaced - think the universe was trying to tell me something? ), and the anniversary ring ring he gave me at 10 years. Used the money to pay the filing fee for the D.

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I traded mine in for another diamond ring and a kick ass set of diamond studs. They give me joy ( and make my girlfriends laugh) every time I wear them.

I took his and sold it for the gold. I took that money and blew it at the casino.


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I sold the wedding ring right away. I'm still trying to get rid of the engagement ring. I have no idea what XWH did with his ring, nor do I care. I do know that he promptly replaced it with a new one when he married CommandOwife before the ink on our divorce papers was barely dry!

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I sold all three rings ... and donated the money to a local woman's shelter.

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I posted my engagement ring back to him.

Funny thing is it broke not too long after we got engaged. It is quite symbolic really.

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I sold mine !!
Why keep it.

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I am thinking about what to do as well. I have an engagement ring that was pretty expensive, wedding band worth nothing, and then he gave me a diamond eternity band for our 10 year anniversary that is worth a lot. He was already having his affair at the time he gave me the eternity band, so I guess it means that for all eternity he will be a douchebag. HELLO??

I certainly don't want to wear either or give to anyone as they seem cursed. I think I want to sell them, but where is the best place to sell them to recover some of the value??

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wow, slow hand clap to those that chucked their rings in a lake, river or any other giant hole in the earth. I love it.

I'm so cheap that I'm going to pawn mine and maybe use it for a new bed and mattress set.

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DD2-Email from OW 2008
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Sold mine - wasn't worth much. Stuck the money on a horse. It lost. Go figure.


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I still have all of mine... We wore white gold bands, and during our 3-yr False R, I lost so much weight on the Infidelity Diet that my original wedding band kept falling off. Then-WH bought me a new one. Both of those are in my jewelry box.

He never gave me an engagement ring, but after we were married, his mother gave me her engagement ring. I'm a little surprised XH didn't want it back when we divorced, because he was nervous about his money situation.

I also have my grandmother's engagement ring (her H, my grandpa) cheated on her many times during their marriage I later found out. All these people (MIL, g'parents) are long passed away now. So I have the diamond rings in my safe deposit box and will probably offer the stones to my son for an engagement ring of his own design if/when he gets married, if he wants them. Otherwise... I should probably consider selling them; I'll never wear them again.

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sorry, double post

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My STBX douche bag stole mine. He says he never saw it, YA RIGHT!!!!!!!! I fully intended to keep mine in case my daughter wanted it someday:(

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