User Topic: Starting to lose my anger
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Wink  Posted: 6:43 PM, January 13th (Monday)

After much reading and soul searching, I am starting to understand why I have been so angry at my WS. I am feeling pain in response to his betrayal. Anger is a responsive feeling to my pain. I am in pain because of his betrayal. His betrayal has caused the loss of my future dream. And the future is only a dream. It's not written down anywhere, and it exists as a hope. His future hope is not the same as mine. He wants to make his life with someone else, and I'm not in that picture. I have grieved the loss of something that I never owned. If I don't try to hang on to my dream future, then I've lost nothing. By letting go of that, I'm willing to accept my true future. I have let go of my grief, and I feel so much relieved. I know that I can build a wonderful future just for myself. After all, I helped build our wonderful past, and our fabulous children.

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Default  Posted: 7:10 PM, January 13th (Monday)

Good for you! Reclaim YOUR future, your dreams. (((hugs)))

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There is so much power to be gained in letting go of what we don't control. Well done, Smashed!

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Kudos to that. I'm bookmarking this thread. I think I may be needing it for the next few years.

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Happy  Posted: 7:35 AM, January 14th (Tuesday)

I keep thinking of that song "I can see clearly, now" sung by Johnny Nash. Since I decided to let go of my anger, after understanding why I was feeling it, and how it was making me ill. I slept over 8 hours last night. I'm wishing you all a good night's sleep, too. It can do wonders.

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Default  Posted: 5:42 AM, January 15th (Wednesday)

This is great. I can't wait to get there myself. Had a dream this a.m. that woke me up and I was so angry.

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