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Default  Posted: 5:38 PM, January 14th (Tuesday)

Im tired and cranky. Had an all day meeting in another location which meant a few hours travel at the end of the day.

Tomorrow I begin moving out properly. I'm moving from WGF so that the kids can stay in 'their' home and since WGF can't afford to move (nor can I afford to be single parent without co-parenting) I agreed to move.

Everything seems to have come flooding back tonight. Stuff I haven't thought about for 8 weeks or more....I am feeling upset and lonely. I spent a while crying this evening, I hate how things are fucked up. Tomorrow, I will try and pick myself up and get on with the business of moving out.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so down, I hope tomorrow is a little brighter for you.

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I'm sorry its been a rough day. I hate those days where you just feel defeated. Hopefully once you are getting settled in your new place and have a little removal from the drama, you will feel better.

Sending strength. Hang in there.

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((((Lex)))) The ebb and flow is to be expected, unfortunately. I know that doesn't make the low times any easier.

Hang in there, hon. Remember to focus on your self-care, especially when you are having a bad day.

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I am so sorry that today has been rough. It sound like tomorrow is going to be tough as well. I will pray that you have strength and peace...always. nmd

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Tomorrow is another day. Feel better man.

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I know the ups and downs very well too. My thoughts are with you ((hugs))

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(((Lex))) I know those days and I feel your pain. Sorry it's been such a hard day. Thinking of you.

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So sorry. One day at a time. Don't let her take your hope.

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Sorry to hear about your situation!

But don't move out of your home&don't leave your kids WITHOUT talking about it with your LAWYER!

It might look really bad when it comes to custody issues etc.

Check out the betrayed men on "I can relate", post your situation there.

Best wishes to you and the kids

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