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Stop  Posted: 9:40 PM, January 14th (Tuesday)

Today I called my AA sponsor and now I'm posting here because it helps. IC may get a call if it continues too.

A big issue I have is self esteem based. When I'm not feeling positive, I seek out ego strokes from whoever is around. I fish for compliments, show off, put people down etc. Today was a challenge in that esteem department, and I could tell that I was in a funk, so I called my sponsor and told him I was on the verge of acting like a bitch. He gave me some good advice and helped me check myself. Anyway, I thought I would share with other Waywards that having someone to help you with accountability is a wonderful thing. That's the beauty of this place too. Share. Dig and share and dig more. I'm lucky and grateful to have many accountability partners: AA, IC and SI.

thanks everyone for being here.

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