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User Topic: 1,000 Post Party for FacePunched
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Default  Posted: 1:50 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Congratulations!! From the stories that made us ache to the wisdom that you share to the menz that you assist to the laughs that you give us. You've played a role in many folks' lives.

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Default  Posted: 1:55 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Congratulations FP! Thank you for all you do here.

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Default  Posted: 2:04 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Woo Hoo

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Default  Posted: 2:07 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Way to go FP!

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Yay FP! Thank you!

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Awwwww....thanks, yo!

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Default  Posted: 3:01 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

woot woot!!!!!
Congratulations FP.

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Default  Posted: 3:15 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Awesome!!! Thank you for helping around here

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Default  Posted: 3:18 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

A special round of thanks to my delete and backspace keys and the back button on my browser...without whom I would've been banned and flagged 900 posts ago!

In the year that I've been here, there have been so many cool people with cool/helpful thoughts and points of view I really appreciate: Tred, StillGoing, Deeply Scared, LosFerWords, wincing_at_light, uncertainone, hardlessons, jjct, aubrie, unangie, holdingtogether, silverhopes, chicho and a bunch of other people who I'm sure that helped directly or indirectly (and whether they knew it or not!) that I'm forgetting!

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I refuse to let a wound ruin me.
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Default  Posted: 4:14 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Great job FP. Thanks for all your contributions here.

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Woohoo FP!

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Default  Posted: 9:18 PM, January 23rd (Thursday)

Dude... FP! It took me almost three years to break 1000. Good job! I'm glad you've found this site as a place of healing. Your contributions here are really helpful to many as well. Thanks for all that you do.


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