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I find this forum helpful in a lot of ways.
That being said...I feel so lonely in my battle, and it is a battle right now.

I don't have the energy anymore.
I just don't.

So. Damn. Tired.

Lord, with Your help I will focus on each small step of the climb, instead of the mountain that stands before me.

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It is a battle. I am sorry you are battle weary. I understand.


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I am right there with you honey. ((((Hugs)))

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(((Gajit))) yes it is a battle but you are not alone. It's okay to not have energy. It's okay to be tired.

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Completely understand. (((((Hugs))))))

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(((Gajit))), totally natural and understandable.

It is the part of the nightmare that weighs us down to the point that we feel the only relief would be to admit defeat.

Hang in there. Stay strong. You CAN finish the battle. I promise you.

Re-energize. Take a day just for you. Go for a walk, run, massage, anything that will help ease the stress.

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(((Gajit))) Hang in there!

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(((gajit))) I feel that way some days too! Just keep on keeping on! This whole infidelity crap sandwich just really sucks!! This too will pass ... that's what I keep saying to myself. Just one day at a time, just one foot in front of the other.

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((((gait))))) it really is a hard battle but one you will win. Please hang in there and understand that you deserve so much better!

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