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Default  Posted: 7:19 PM, January 25th (Saturday)

I don't care who told you that being able to take a shit with the door open means we have more 'love' but I am calling bullshit. All it means is that you have no privacy boundaries even after I ask you to shut the door.

congratulations love, you could shit in jail, cause that's the only other place I know where the open door policy is a rule.

Every time DH goes to take a shit, he just leaves the door WIDE OPEN. I can hear ever fart, plop, and grunt and he could care less...he says I shouldn't care.

Makes me sick...gross!

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I hear you...I had to explain to my H that seeing that kind of stuff does NOT make for feeling sexy later.

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Well in my case my H does shut the door and we can still hear everything. My DD17 runs to her room so not to hear but unfortunately the bathroom is right next to her room.

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