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User Topic: Annoyances of Conference Calls In Real Life Meetings
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Default  Posted: 5:10 PM, January 26th (Sunday)

It's probably because I just spent the last few weeks like this, but I found this hilarious!

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Default  Posted: 4:28 PM, January 27th (Monday)

This made me laugh. Too true! Dogs barking made me lol

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Default  Posted: 2:29 AM, January 28th (Tuesday)

The part where the guy got booted from the meeting and found himself outside the door, talking to the wall cracked me up. And the dog! What was that?? A Mastiff?? LOL!

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Default  Posted: 3:27 PM, January 28th (Tuesday)

The forgot the heavy breather, we call that Darth Vader. And the keyboard typing. And last week there was a toilet flushing!!

And I have been that guy talking to the wall...

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Default  Posted: 8:11 PM, January 28th (Tuesday)

best video ever

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