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User Topic: To all WS, could you answer a question for me?
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Stop  Posted: 7:15 PM, February 7th (Friday)

I am a BS, but I wanted to ask the WS on here a question regarding my current situation just to see if I could get a little bit of insight.

My WS and I have been separated (not legally) for almost a year..... My WS has been on the fence the whole time in regards to R......

I am wondering if other WS have been on the fence this long or could it possibly be my WS does not want to hurt me more by saying lets D?

I know everyone is different and I welcome all to respond.... thank you!

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Red  Posted: 7:29 PM, February 7th (Friday)

BS's are not to start threads in this forum, please read the forum description.

You may re-post your question in the ICR forum under the BS Questions for WS's thread.

Thank you.

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