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Okay, quick recap. He has moved in with his ow and her two children. He has also quit his job because apparently everyone is taking my side of things, and "nobody is on my side of the fence". Nice move buddy, seeing as how you are also illegally in this Country.
My h hasn't seen his own children for 5 months, hasn't once asked about them and doesn't understand why they won't speak to him. He never asked for a photo of them but he made sure to take the big screen TV. Of course, I have poisoned their minds against him.
I was tired of hearing that it was my fault that their relationship was non-existent and so I arranged for a meeting last Saturday. The girls went under protest, and it was a disaster. His opening statement to them was "I miss you girls very much and I know that the nasty text messages you sent me from your phones are really from Mom" - it went quickly downhill after that.
He gave them a Christmas present, worth $260.00 each, now bear in mind, he is not earning and we have had the princely sum of $100.00 from him since mid-November !!!! The girls don't like the presents and they asked for the gift receipt, he sat there and destroyed the receipt in front of them, called them rude and ungrateful.
I nominate him for dad of the year - what an ass!!!!!

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He's feeling sorry for himself and self-righteous. Asshole!

My WH always seems to feel like somehow the kids are supposed to make him feel loved and validated. Ummm hello...A) they are kids, you are supposed to just show them love and not expect something back and B) they are't stupid! they see through that self-serving act faster than adults, I think.

Spending big $ and expecting that to fix it. And then blaming the kids when it doesn't. Sheesh. Narcissist much?

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What a massive turd. I'm so sorry you and the kids are having to deal with that !

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Your poor kids. I'm so sorry.

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Oh my gosh. What a LOSER!

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Looks like somebody learned you can't buy your kids love.

I'm sorry your girls had to go through that.


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Thank you ALL so very much for your support. It helps to put it out there and get your feedback.
Thankfully my girls are good, they were raised with standards, he just fell way short of them, and yep he is the loser, big-time.

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