User Topic: The best part of VD is I got my date!
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Default  Posted: 6:48 PM, February 14th (Friday)

Court date, that is!!

One minute before entering my therapist office, I check my email on my phone. I read an email from my attorney that said our court date is on May 29!! I walked into her office and screamed with relief and joy that it will soon be officially over.

The timing (although it took long enough) is perfect. It's after my spring semester and before my birthday in June! I am so grateful and excited.

Emotionally I am done done done done done done with stbx. The court will hopefully enforce financial obligations regarding the kids. This is the part I am looking forward to. I need him to be financially accountable to the kids and if he is not, then at least I can follow with contempt.

This is a true gift of love to myself ~ my future, my life, my freedom!

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Default  Posted: 6:51 PM, February 14th (Friday)

Yay!!!! What a great Vday present!!!

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You can call me NIK

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Happy for you Dmari!!

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Default  Posted: 7:55 PM, February 14th (Friday)

That's good news! It's a nice feeling when you take a step forward.

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Soo jealous!

Can't wait until this day comes!


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April14th for me, although if he won't agree to something's I guess it could take longer.

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