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Today is the day one year ago that my wife had sex with another man. Of course I woke up in a bad mood just for that reason. We are still together things are getting better she's trying and doing everything right. Still a shitty day otherwise. Maybe next year on this day it will be better. Next comes the Dday of when i found out April 13. I'll be happy after this whole year is over.

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We have all either been there, or will be there at some point. I am not looking forward to it, either. Do something nice for yourself today if you can. Reach out to your spouse if you can.

Good luck, and I wish you peace today.

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I'm sorry you're going through this! This is not always practical, but what I found helped my D-day antiversary dates was to plan something to erase the bad memory of that day.

My worst trigger date for some reason was the day he met her. I planned a romantic getaway weekend at the beach for the 1 year mark of that date to create a NEW memory. I am now nearing the 2nd year of that date, AND I CANT EVEN REMEMBER WHAT DAY IT WAS! Hurray!! I know it was May, but the specifics have left me.

Do something special for yourselves! I know it's hard, but sometimes you have to force yourself instead of letting the bitterness win. Go out to dinner. Plan a trip for the upcoming D-day. Make new memories!

Good luck! Take care of yourself today.... AND the days ahead.

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