User Topic: Oh, Xwh... you are such a sad little man.
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A few weeks ago, my DD came home from XWH's house with her face all scraped up. She had run into a tree while sledding, XWH emailed me to do damage control (actually, I think CommandOwife wrote it, but whatever), etc. At the time, the kids told me that they were sledding on XWH's property. Well, kids will hurt themselves, and that was that. I wasn't going to make a big fuss.

A few days later, my children were recounting the accident to my parents. My mom asked DS #1, "Where were you sledding on your dad's property that DD hit a tree?"

Quick backstory: Rotting Acres is located on the edge of a dropoff into a creek. When we moved in there, we immediately had the entire yard fenced in because we were afraid that the kids would fall down the slope toward the creek and get hurt. In the time that I lived there, we were vigilant about making the kids stay inside of the fence, not climb on the fence, etc.

So... DS #1 informs us that they were sledding outside of the fence and down the hill (which is filled with trees... I'm not sure how they found a clear stretch to sled in) toward the creek. It was there that DD hit a tree and got injured.

I then sent a polite note to XWH letting him know that I felt going outside the fence was very dangerous, and I hoped that he would never allow the kids to do that again. While the creek is typically shallow near Rotting Acres, I have no idea if it goes deeper in places. One of the kids could have slid into the creek and onto thin ice; there's no way I'd let little kids do that.

XWH gave me crickets, but that's fine. I wanted my objection on record; my DD's face still hurts even though the scrapes have healed, so she probably injured the tissue more deeply than just the surface.

Fast forward to this week: DD got marker on her face. I gently wiped it, but the wiping that I did abraded the surface a bit, so she has a small mark above her eyebrow. I put cream on it, and she's fine. However, XWH has been lying in wait to smack me back for scolding him over the sledding incident, and he emails me to inform me in his condescending way that I should let him know when one of the kids is "injured," and he provides me with a suggestion as to how to better remove the ink next time.

HA HA HA! Are you kidding me!?!? You let the kids sled in a questionable area at best, and our DD gets really hurt, and then you actually give me a lecture on DD's skin care!?!? That's too funny. I think he's gone off his nut. What a wackjob.

I'm so glad I told my kids the truth about him. He's an asshole no matter how you slice it. At least I don't have to also deal with protecting his image.

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Oh brother. I'd dissect it but it's so transparent on his part, why even bother?

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Honestly, I expect no less from a man-child that condescendingly requests that you return ziploc baggies

Fucking. Idjiot.

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Seriously? He's comparing removing ink to perilously sledding down a hill toward a frozen creek?

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I'm so glad you can laugh at this!

You have come so far in the years that I've "known" you -- this is just so great to read that you can take it all in stride and realize how much better off you are without him as your partner. What a loser!

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What an asshole he is. At least he makes it easy for us.

Seriously? He's comparing removing ink to perilously sledding down a hill toward a frozen creek?
I was going to say the exact same thing!

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Oh how pathetic.

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Two words - DICK HEAD

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What a fucking tool. Seriously.

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It comes as no surprise to me that Zippy the Pinhead X is playing "gotcha!"

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Be very vigilant about the sledding between trees. My son hit a sapling and split his spleen in three places. Emergency surgery and one hell of a trip back for help. Serious stuff, and if yours are lttle ones shame on Ex for not supervising the kiddos.

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What a dipshit. I wish I could find and dropkick some of these assholes.

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You have to laugh at how ridiculous they look waving these pathetic little flags madly trying to get our attention.

The sad clown has been attempting to goad me of late - I knew it was coming given how decent he was during the recent drama when DD6 went missing for almost an hour after school.

His little attempt at a Father of the Year act would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

No ego kibbles for him - he's gagging on some skinny little crickets instead.

You need better bait, fuckwit.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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Oh moment... believe me. When DS #1 told me where they were sledding, my face dropped, and I said, "WHAT?" I made it VERY clear that they were never to do it again. I talked about all of the various dangers they faced doing it, and I said that DD was lucky that she had only scraped her face. DS #1 is a rule follower, and although I made it clear that it was not his responsibility to parent his younger siblings, I did say that if any of the other kids suggested that idiotic idea again, he was to put the kibosh on it and to invoke my name if he wished: "Mom said that if we ever sled back here again, we're going to get in big trouble."

The stepbrother strikes me (from what my kids have told me) as a bit of a wild child, so I'm sure he thought it was a fine and dandy idea, and XWH and CommandOwife were probably delighted to have the kids preoccupied (since parenting is decidedly not romantic or exciting like they believe their lives are entitled to be) even though the activity was dangerous because they suck as parents.

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