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User Topic: Cuteness - It doesn't matter what your age or species is...
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Little kids love to play in sprinklers!

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You can call me NIK

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After a long work day, I was googling cute animal babies to amuse myself, and my fave was this baby elephant who doesn't seem to be able to work his trunk:

Don't mean to t/j, just love the cuteness of baby anythings.

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That was awesome!!! They are adorable.

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Proving I can be 'cute'

Gurlz ...

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OMG, I want the bag of kittens so bad!

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I was googling cute animal babies to amuse myself,

I'm glad I'm not the only person who does this! FYI baby arctic foxes are SO CUTE.

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If you haven't found it yet:

zOMG. This is how I manage my PMS. Well, this and chocolate. Okay, this and chocolate and wine. Did I mention the sad movies and Kleenex? Okay, FINE. Zooborns, chocolate, wine, and sad movies and Kleenex.

Jeez. Pin me to the wall, why don't you.

p.s. Baby otters are my favorite.

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