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This is my bottom line request to the lunkhead whose parenting style could be likened to giving a hatchet to a blindfolded child and asking him to give you a haircut.
The middle D calls from college furious. NPDexass calls her and begins with questions about her grades eventually working it into a rambling lecture about the dangers of crystal meth. What??? He tells her he flunked out of college and because her grandparents haven't heard from her lately they think she is about to flunk out like he did. Huh???

Makes no sense. No logic! If a parent had real concerns they would not be yelling at a child over the phone "You better not be doing crystal meth!!"
She was so insulted.
Lately I have not even bothered to address his stupidity but last night I could not keep it contained. He tells me that I was not privy to the conversation and D is playing us against each other. No one can ever play me against you you frickin idiot! That would imply we are on the same playing field.
If this post makes no sense it is because I am reporting reality.

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Sounds like STBXH saw some news report about crystal meth use on college campuses, and since he doesn't know D, assumes she's doing meth. He must be so proud of his ignorance about his D to show it off so clearly.

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If this post makes no sense it is because I am reporting reality.


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My mom says stupid shit like that to me all the time, still. She will call me at work with some stupid shit and then get mad when I bristle at whatever she is accusing me of! I'm sure he's just as broken as my mother.

Tell your daughter just to ignore his ramblings, or don't answer the phone. He's just stupid.

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Sounds like he may have a problem with meth like he had a problem with flunking out so is trying to warn DD. Anyway, that would be how I spin it to DD.

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