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What does this word mean to you? I have spent the last year trying to explain to my fWH that we lack a strong connection in our marriage and we need to work toward this. He just looks at me blankly and says he doesn't know what I mean by 'connection.' I have tried to explain what it means to me, but he just doesn't see what it is I'm striving for.

Maybe you all have a different way I can explain it.

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Have you both read "the five languages of love"? I think that maybe a step to establish some "connection". It's a type of word that is better explained through experience rather than through words.

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Connection for me is wanting to be with that person, have deep conversations, want to tell them important things going on, being able to discuss feelings with them, feel close to them, think about them, attracted to them and to feel it back

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My fWH and I have a strong bond which is what held us together during the worst of this. Even though he cheated he wanted to stop right away and his greatest fear was losing me when I found out.

I guess this is a sort of connection but I don't use that word.

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To me it is wanting to spend the rest of your life sharing with that person. Sharing new places, ideas, thoughts, and old. It is knowing that they are there for you no matter what. It is looking into their eyes and knowing that you are special to them. It is growing old together and still having fun after the kids are grown. Its about sharing dreams.

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