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User Topic: Weekend!
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Default  Posted: 6:42 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Teslet is off to the bowels of chaos.
I'm going to clean and work on my coursework. Going to try to meet up with a friend or two tomorrow.
Meh. Nothing very exciting.

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Default  Posted: 6:48 PM, February 21st (Friday)

I have a performance on Sunday, rehearsal on Saturday. That will take up the whole weekend.


PS: there is always room for GDM

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Default  Posted: 6:49 PM, February 21st (Friday)

I'm hanging out the the kiddos tonight. We might watch a movie together.

No plans for tomorrow.

Sunday is the usual, church school, church, and hang out at SO's parents until SO goes to work. After that I'll probably do something with the kids.

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Default  Posted: 6:57 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Nothing tonight -- making dinner and cruising SI.

Tomorrow I have a long run in the morning, drink with friends in the afternoon, and a beer fest in the evening.

Not much planned for Sunday so far other than a run.

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Default  Posted: 7:02 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Home tonight cleaning house, catching up on work emails and packing for two different trips.

5K race in the morning, and then my XSO is coming over to go to lunch and then go with me to take birthday gifts to two friends living at a nearby assisted living place.

We are then headed to Nashville, Tennessee to go shopping, have dinner, and then go party downtown on Broadway.

Anticipate she will keep me out to the early hours of the morning bar hopping and dancing. We are both planning to wear our cowboy boots. Hope I can hold up!

Staying downtown so I wont have to drive.

Head back home the next morning, spend time with my dogs; and then get ready to go out of town very early Monday morning on business for several nights.

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Default  Posted: 7:33 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Working both days. Yay me!

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Default  Posted: 7:52 PM, February 21st (Friday)

I''m at work now

Tomorrow, if it''s not raining, maybe some birding early, then hoping to go to a new bar to hear my favorite bandalways an adventure for an introvert

Sunday I''m hiking in a nature sanctuary.

Hopefully some warm(er) fresh air before the polar vortex returns

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Default  Posted: 8:00 PM, February 21st (Friday)

I got off the Rock yesterday for the Sting/Paul Simon show last night here in the Big City. It was FABulous!

Just spent the day walking around my old neighbourhoods and visiting childhood houses and schools.

Nice lady gave me a tour of the old elementary school, which was interesting.

I walked my feet off and am now resting up before dinner with old friends.

It's a great weekend so far but the Big City wears me out...

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Default  Posted: 8:27 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Quiet evening tonight...just me and a glass of wine.

Tomorrow I will be getting together with a couple of is celebrating her birthday so we will bring some cheer into her upside down life. She is going through a nasty divorce; her hopefully STBXH is a NPD alcoholic asshole who is two gallons of crazy in a one gallon bucket. I hope we can distract her for awhile from all the madness in her life. Pizza and champagne! And something chocolate for dessert!

Sunday I'll be watching the final events of the Olympics and the closing ceremonies. Hard to believe it's over!!!

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Default  Posted: 8:29 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Packing and cleaning... I move in 6 days!!!

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Default  Posted: 8:31 PM, February 21st (Friday)

So, my weekend kinda started yesterday at 10:30 am when oldest IrishLass called me in tears and I had to go pick her up and bring her and Grandbaby to my house. So now I have both IrishLasses, IrishLad and Grandbaby at home. Then oldest IrishLad wants to come down for the weekend. I also have to help my sister with the renovations at her place this weekend. Did anyone see a spare me hanging around?

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Default  Posted: 9:58 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Nothing tonight.

Tomorrow, taking a drive with a friend. I'll also try to squeeze in a walk with the dogs.

Sunday is a haircut and a little shopping.

Another easy weekend.

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Default  Posted: 10:21 PM, February 21st (Friday)

Nothing tonight...maybe a late movie by myself if I feel up to taking off my sweatpants!

Tomorrow, haircut, buying my daughter a bike.

Sunday: sailing in SF Bay with my brother and exSIL.

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Default  Posted: 10:25 PM, February 21st (Friday)

We enjoyed our last school day off for mid-winter break. The kiddies and I went to a playdate where I got to hang and have great coffee with two good friends of mine, and then we went to the library after lunch and loaded up with books and DVDs. Another great friend of mine (whom the kids love) came for dinner, and then I got some grading done.

Tomorrow is hanging with the parents day; I'll probably try to get more grading done.

Sunday is the usual blah: grocery shopping, chores, more grading, etc.

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Default  Posted: 12:12 AM, February 22nd (Saturday)

I am running my first ever 1/2 marathon at Disney World on Sunday!!!!

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Default  Posted: 7:14 AM, February 22nd (Saturday)

GO ruinedandbroken!!!

Tonight, 3rd date with new guy, we are still very casual, so he agreed to meet my BFF and her H and we are all going to a new microbrewery in town.

Packing to move in a few weeks. Getting some exercise and prepping for a very busy week next week!

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Default  Posted: 7:38 AM, February 22nd (Saturday)

I bubble-bathed and wined last night, and chatted with SO. Today is going to be all about chores. I've got tons of laundry to do, and the house needs some serious cleaning. Tomorrow I'm meeting my sister over at my mom's new apartment so we can finish the unpacking. Not a lot of fun planned for this weekend, but at least I get some sister time.

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Default  Posted: 12:26 PM, February 22nd (Saturday)

Bought a $40 movie pass to see all of the Best Picture nominees playing at the local multiplex. Saw Gravity last night and have 6 more to go to today and tomorrow (I had already seen 2 of the movies). I asked friends if they wanted to do this with me, and no one could. Bought the pass anyway and am going to the movies by myself. HUGE for me. Old me would have decided not to buy the pass, not to go to the movies by myself etc. New me feels very brave and happy to see the movies (and to not have to share the popcorn )

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Default  Posted: 12:45 PM, February 22nd (Saturday)

I fixed my toilet all by myself!

Watched some plumbing videos on youtube.....

It's the little things.......

what did I ever do to deserve this?

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Default  Posted: 12:46 PM, February 22nd (Saturday)

^ I did the same with my washing machine a few weeks ago. It was all really basic stuff but damn if I didn't feel like a pro.

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Default  Posted: 12:02 AM, February 23rd (Sunday)

better4me...too bad we don't live closer. My daughter and I do this every year. We wait until the Oscar nominations come out and then try and see as many as we can (of the ones we are interested in.) It's a new thing with us, nobody else cares at all. I see a lot of women alone in the theater when we go, enjoy yourself!

After D-day many years ago when my kids were still young and in school, I used to go sometimes on Friday afternoon by myself and then pick them up. There were movies I wanted to see, and XH was not interested. After the first time it was easy and I really enjoyed the time alone.

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