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Things I want to say to my STBX - but won't waste my breath because I know in his foggy POS NPD mind he's re-written the past.

You had a good marriage that you were unwilling to work on to make it great!

You lied and cheated not only me, the person you VOWED to love, honor and cherish, but your children as well.

You don't know what honor is.

You don't know what integrity is.

You have no fucking clue what it means to really love someone. To put them first, to take the less than perfect and accept it as it is.

You hurt me more than you will ever understand because you are too shallow and self-absorbed to ever have the depth necessary to empathize.

I will never be your friend, I will be civil, but if you fucking think I am being 'amicable' you, with your English degree, do not have the least understanding of the word. Use the damn dictionary! dick

When the divorce is final and the papers are signed I do not ever want to fucking see you again. If your daughters ever want to see you it will be in a neutral place. Not my fucking house you asswipe!!

If there are future events that involve our children and THEY want both of us there I will be civil. Do not engage me in social, polite conversation. I will throw your cheating ass to the wolves.

You have killed all the love I had for you. You devalued the one person in your life that did not look at you and see a meal ticket. You think that is how I saw you because of your FOO filters. Not my fault.

You cheated. Not my fault.

You expect people to listen to you whine about me. Was I perfect? No. But then again, neither are you!

You are a waste of space!

Thanks for letting me vent .. I feel ever so much better!

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I wish there was a clapping icon. This will have to do !!

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Well said.

I wish I could just stop I know another moment will break my heart too many tears too many time too many years I've cried over you

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Excellent Bab61. You said what I feel!

Hitting the like button.

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I've actually said 90% of those things to my stbx at one point of another....and yea, nothing but a waste of my breath.
Good decision on your part.

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I would like to give you a standing Ovation! I feel the same about my WH... He wouldn't listen either, or think he did a darn thing wrong.

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That was great!

I've said many of those things to my STBX in voice mails, in person, and you're right, wish I HADN't, he didn't get it.


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I've said many of those things to my STBX in voice mails, in person, and you're right, wish I HADN't, he didn't get it.


I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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Well said! Glad you posted it here!

GOD I hate waywards

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I'm trying to learn not to waste my breath asking WH to stay anymore. It's hard.

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You lied and cheated not only me, the person you VOWED to love, honor and cherish, but your children as well.

Amen sister! I had several other points I needed to amen but finger hit the submit button instead of enter! So Amen Sister to the whole post!

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Love it and I could have written it myself.

I agree that it is a waste of breath.

I will never understand that THEY can not understand how hurtful what they did was. You are right, they don't have the depth necessary to empathsize because they are so busy worrying about themselves and the impact to them.

Do you ever wonder why you didn't see it more clearly before?? That is what I am struggling with....where the hell was I when I was apparently married to an insensitive, selfish, dishonest and allegedly unhappy husband?

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