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Content  Posted: 9:53 AM, February 23rd (Sunday)

I know I don't post here nearly as much as I used to (gees, I used to post a LOT), but I still read this forum pretty religiously, and I have a lot of empathy and sympathy and positive going out into the universe for all you regulars here.

Saw this today on Post Secret and it reminded me so much of where I was coming out of my divorce, and where so many of you are, or are on the verge of realizing you are.

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Thank you. I hope I get there some day.

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Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out...honestly
I wanna see you be brave

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You can call me NIK

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I'm going to save this to post on FB the day my D is final. Gives me something to shoot for. Thanks.

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Love this! Thanks for sharing it.

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I like it.

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((Amazonia)) thanks!

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So true. The time during my divorce was so terrible. But, after getting through it..... I have never been happier.

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