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I met Wh when I was exchange student in college. He is not US citizen but here on greencard. I want to move back there, always wanted to throughout marriage but he liked USA and didn't want to go back. Now I am fiinding it hard to get visa to move back. If I was married, no problem.

I feel like he made a fool out of me for two years, left me for whore OW and has taken away my dream. I am finding it hard to get out of bed, to eat is really hard and I feel totally stuck in the unhappy place where I was dumped a month ago. It hurts. He was supposed to respect and protect me and I am left, instead, with nothing. I am taking AD and doing IC but I can't shake this dark cloud. All I want to do is pack up my girls and dogs and run away. But I have no $$.

Suicidal thoughts cross my mind regularly and my parents, who live in same town and have been helpful beyond belief with preparing house to sell, have problems with emotional support. My dad is mad that I am thinking of moving, for example. I can't stay here. I can't find a means to go, and I feel I am sinking in quicksand. And I have lost the strength to fight.

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Will never be naive again...

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You still have a future. It will take time to get there but it is waiting for you with open arms.

And see your doctor about switching meds because it can take experimentation to get the right mix and you don't seem to be there yet!

Sit. Feast on your life.

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Grief, he didn't take your future from you. He was nothing but a "life lesson" you learned from.

You and your girls and furkids have a wonderful future ahead of you.

Get out of bed.
Hug your kids.
Hug your furkids.
Open the door and grab your future in both hands and live it.



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