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Things with bf are great. I dont really get triggers as often. But I get them from time to time. I have to tell myself his words match his actions. Son is getting testing done gor autism in a few weeks hes been there every step of the way. He even asked if he could come to the appointment to get a better understanding. Bf family has accepted me with open arms. They are being a great support system. Bf step mom has a lot of knowledge with dealing with an autistic kid. So shes been helping us with ways to help son and what's going on.
Bf also has ambition. There is a job opening in his department for a supervisor. Hes applying for it. Ive been helping him get his package ready. He actually let me help.
I am finally getting cs from sons dad. But how long will it last. Its kind of funny how I opened a case in his state and a few months later I get cs payments.
Bf and I are starting to look at places to live.

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Posts like yours make me all warm inside. Good for you to be counting your blessings like that!

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happy for you

BS, age 53, d-day 6-2-08, divorced after 17 years and 20 together. Now I am living alone in the beautiful rural property that was once the dream retreat with X. It's taking a long time to create new dreams but despite some struggles I am mostly happy.

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Glad things are looking up

“Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.” ― Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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