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Default  Posted: 5:48 PM, February 25th (Tuesday)

Help! STBWXH came home at 8 last night, and I was stuck with dinner duty--which is fine. Not a complaint on my part. Tonight, I make biscuits from scratch (my thing--always do because I hate the flavor of cans). Rat bastard comes in with stir-fry fixings and is currently in the kitchen chopping up his expensive ass chicken and is going to fry it with his expensive ass vegetables. God, I'm so tired of watching him spend money like it is going out of style when I don't have any support, my lawyer says I can't move out, and he is running around being the "husband" that he never was to me. THis is driving me batty! I've blocked him from my phone--not that he'll call and update me anyway, and told him to email me--which he never does. Limbo sucks!!!

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He bought "head-on" shrimp, new sauces, and frankly, I find the smell revolting. I'm back here trying not to toss my cookies.

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In house sucks. Bottom line. Nothing fun about it.

All you can do is make sure you track all your spending, and as much of his as you can. As far as cooking goes, you cook for you and the kids when needed, not for him. If he comes in and cook, you don't engage. Except to demand he wash his own dishes. In my book, it's ok to remind him you aren't his maid anymore.

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I wouldn't say a word about his dishes. Clean up yours and leave his sit.

Sorry you have to deal with that ... I know I would kill the fucker if we had in-house!!

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You know what really sucks? Fucker is downstairs cleaning right now. I've been depressed, told him on numerous occasions in the past two years that I'm burned out and need help. Would he help me? Noooooo. Now that he has a new bimbo he is taking household responsibility. Before, I got the line "you're the mom, it is your job to clean." What the fuck? Seriously. What? The? Fuck?

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I'm sorry.

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