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I already hold an Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification. Got it before marriage. XPOS was not into any water activities so that meant my personal goal of getting my Divemaster certification was put on the back burner. Always resented that. But that is gonna change as I have made the decision to aggressively pursue that goal! DD17 and I are leaving for the Turks and Caicos Islands next week for my "post divorce independence celebration" and I have been working with a dive shop there to jam in as many certifications toward my Divemaster as I can while there. I have gone from lounging on the beach and watching the world go by to round the clock dive action. And I am totally PSYCHED about it!! One of my personal goals is back in sight again now that ex-anchor has been cut loose! Whoop!!! Excited doesn't begin to describe me

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you GOOOOO GIRL!!!! Proud of ya!!!

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Turks and Caicos are so beautiful; some of my best diving ever. Enjoy and GOOOOO GIRRRLLLL!

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Enjoy your independence holiday.

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Amazing! Way to go for YOUR bliss! Emphasis on your, you independent woman you!

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Congratulations!!!"Post divorce independence celebration"?

They have those???

Totally doing that! Great idea!

There will probably be *some* cash distributed after stuff is sold. And I worked so hard I''m tapped on vacation days!

Vacation for one, coming up!

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