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There is a movie called Her and in it a man in a distant technologically advanced future falls in love with an AI personality on his computer after divorcing his wife. She has no body just a voice. They go through ups and downs of a typical relationship (which is strange) and it also brings up the concept of a soul and what actually makes us who we are. She ends up leaving at the end along with every other AI ascending into a place she can't describe. Now here is where I get venty. They managed to insert infidelity into a movie that would otherwise would have been pretty good. At one point she manages to move beyond his computer and speak to other AI's and humans. She speaks to over 8000 at the same time and falls in love with over 600.

I was sitting there like wtf!! How does that lend to the shaping of this beautiful character who was simply a voice on a computer are first and grows into something so much more. Maybe this seems silly but I don't see why they had to include infidelity.

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LOL - I shut it off as soon as a machine, with no form or no knowledge of sexual intimacy - said "I want you inside me"

Did it help that this was the first text I saw on DDay? The beginning of the end? Nope - but how stupid is it to have a nonbeing say that? It was just too ridiculous.

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