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Default  Posted: 8:17 PM, March 14th (Friday)

Has anyone attended the ComicCon event in San Diego? Registration is tomorrow, not everyone gets in. If anyone has gone, can they describe what its like. I notice a lot of comic (duh) stuff, but DS is into gaming and he says there will be gaming stuff.

I should have asked this weeks ago.

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Default  Posted: 7:14 AM, March 15th (Saturday)

We have taken DD13 to the one in NYC the last couple years. There is a lot of gaming stuff.

A huge portion of it is merchandising.

DD is into cosplay so she dresses up every year. The best part is the people watching in all the costumes. It really is a great time.

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Default  Posted: 7:54 AM, March 15th (Saturday)

So if you watch the big bang theory, this is a huge event! Go, enjoy have fun. This year my DDs want to go to an amime convention and cosplay. I think it will be fun!

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