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A few years ago, I ended R with wxbf. He wasn't giving me what I needed to hear. That night seems so long ago. I remember the gut wrenching pain I was in that night, the loving support of members here, the absurdity when he offered to show up at my place naked "if it would make me feel better". The chorus of members saying, "wth" and "what a douche", now makes me laugh. Love SI support!

For a longtime, I wasn't ready to date. It was more important for me to focus on my healing. When guys would ask me out, I would get an anxiety attack and be nauseous. Now? The thought of dating doesn't give me an anxiety attack and I don't feel like I am going to throw up. I'm ready to put myself out there again. Nice and slow. No rushing into anything. Just believing in fate. If I'm meant to be with someone, it will happen when the time is right.

Happy Thursday!

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This is great!!

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You can call me NIK

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Think of the haters in your life as sandpaper; they’ll scratch you up time and time again but in the end you’re polished, smooth, and spotless..while they end up useless

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What a great attitude! This gives me so much hope.

Good luck out there!

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Not anxiously vomiting is a nice attribute in a date.

Sounds like you have a good plan going here. Driving the sedan of dating, not the hot rod that spins off the road into a fiery crash. Fire is bad.

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Love it.


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Not anxiously vomiting is a nice attribute in a date.

Omg. You made me laugh & snort! Yep that's attractive.

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I love the heading for this. Almost as if feeling ready to date was something that you came across while cleaning up your desk. "Well look at that, didn't even realize I had misplaced that ready to date thing. Huh, guess I might as well dust it off and see if it still works..."

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Spring is in the air

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Yay, jo!

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Does this mean *I* can show up at your house naked now? I've been holding off until you were ready.

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LMAO!!!!! @Threnody

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ditto, LMAO @ Thren.

I do love this post.

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There is life on the other side of hell.

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This kind of post just makes my day. So glad your healing is progressing so nicely :)

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Good for you.

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