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User Topic: wedding anniversary...and nothing
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Default  Posted: 3:52 PM, April 13th (Sunday)

My wedding anniversary was April 8th, and I didn't think about it at all. Like in totally forgot about it. At church this morning they were asking for updated contact information. My wedding date was listed, after my name and address etc. I looked at that date, said "huh" to myself and scribbled over that puppy with my pencil. Scribbled it into oblivion even.

I knew the day would come when I wouldn't feel sad about my anniversary, I really didn't believe I would completely forget about it though. Huh, Who'd a thunk it?

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Default  Posted: 5:44 PM, April 13th (Sunday)

Yeah, that was this past year for me. I remembered it before the date…but the date of? Totally forgot.

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Default  Posted: 5:59 PM, April 13th (Sunday)

Good for you!

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Default  Posted: 1:46 PM, April 14th (Monday)

You are racking up the wins lately!

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Default  Posted: 2:57 PM, April 14th (Monday)

Isn't that a great realization?? I even forgot my first anniversary after DDay and it was only 6 weeks later, still lots of contact with the pos, now xpos. The only reason it came to mind was that one DS *insisted* on talking with me *that day*, which made me question it to myself. I thought he had a problem he needed to talk about that weekend.

Part of figuring out why was to look at the calendar. It took a while, but the date finally stood out as the reason. He was worried about me and didn't want me to spend the day alone, so wanted to talk to me. I was totally upbeat during our talk and it wasn't an act. I hope that came across to him.

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Default  Posted: 5:27 PM, April 14th (Monday)


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Default  Posted: 5:32 PM, April 14th (Monday)

Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you. I, also, didn't notice mine. Best realization ever.

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Default  Posted: 5:44 PM, April 14th (Monday)

Unfortunately that will never be the case for me. Got married on my birthday, which happens to be the day after Christmas.

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Default  Posted: 7:16 PM, April 14th (Monday)

WOOWHOO! I've always been terrible with dates so I've had a few pass me by. I remember months but not the dates without looking them up. I don't look them up.

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Default  Posted: 7:58 PM, April 14th (Monday)

My Divorce date IS my wedding anniversary date... So I will forever celebrate that day as the best day of the rest of my life!

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Default  Posted: 8:12 PM, April 14th (Monday)

Holy crap, this post made me realize that mine was three weeks ago on March 28. I literally just remembered when I read this!

Yes, I think that is a huge sign of healing!

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