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User Topic: It's really happening!
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Default  Posted: 12:11 AM, April 17th (Thursday)

Old job has been resigned.

New job has been accepted.

Notice has been given on old house.

Lease is being drawn up for new house.

Flight for SO to come out has been booked.

Moving truck has been reserved.

Boxes are being scavenged.

It's really happening... we're moving out of state! I'm and at the same time.


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YAYYYY!!! Congrats, WB. Totally understand the and You will do great!

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Excited for you!!

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(And . We will miss you so much. I'll wait until you have the A/C installed to come visit. )

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Sooooo exciting!!

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I'm so happy for you!!!

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So excited for you and the bunch! New experiences are exciting, fun and scary. I envy you.

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So excited for you and the bunch!

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DDay 11/17/2010 BW:52

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I'm so glad you're excited about the move; I was when I did it--twice!

You are going to be fabulous, and I'm so excited for you!

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Default  Posted: 12:54 PM, April 17th (Thursday)

Yay!! Congratulations!! I hope you and the banana bunch have a great new beginning.

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Oh please. Can we all just lay off the mushfest and say what really needs to be said. WB is abandoning the NorCal Group. I don’t care about all this “it’s a great opportunity/it’s a more stable job/there is a better future with the new company/it’s better for the bunch/the neighborhood is better and safer/the schools are better/the cost of living is cheaper/blah, blah, blah” bovine fecal matter. WB is abandoning us simply for selfish reasons. She paid no consideration to our feelings or needs, it’s all about making a better future for her and the bunch.

“We will miss you so much.”
No way, no how. I am not gunna miss all the touch-feely crap I have to put up with when the Bananas try to invade my personal space. I am not gunna miss the youngest Banana eating the last three pieces of the chocolate pie. I am not gunna miss blatant demands for more Crack. I am not gunna miss the bunch tryin’ to take away from my time when I am properly corrupting the littlest Razz or young Master Silver. Be gone with y’all. We need new blood in the NorCal group and our little collection of misfits will be even better once we have jettisoned the dead weight of the whole lot of you.

We are now accepting applications for new members of the NorCal Group. Potential applicants only need swear a blood oath to not ABANDON us.

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WOOOOT!!! I am so happy for you twinnie!!!

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Wahhhhmbulance dispatched to Jpapa's.

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I heart you, Razzie.

And j, I'll miss you too. You big lunk.

Thanks all! Sent off the deposit money today!

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