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And told me we need to talk. He lost 2 dependants from the divorce on tax returns and it is costing him. I don't feel bad for him in the slightest. He had plenty of opportunities to stay married and quite frankly, I'm glad he didn't try very hard. I'm glad he sucked at reconciliation and it set me free! I'm so much happier now. It feels a little strange because I'm an empathetic person, so this indifference is new. But damn I'm happy to finally be here.

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Ugh, WS pity parties are so annoying! It's like "Let me get out the world's smallest violin!" Also, they really demonstrate who the WS is - that everything happens *to* them yet they have zero responsibility for their actions or the resultant consequences.

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You could always offer him some cheese to go with that "whine".

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OPP (Other Peoples Problems)
NMP (Not My Problem)

Care Factor Zero.

Interesting that he thinks his problem is your problem. We need to talk? Nah - we really don't.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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Poor tax planning on his part doesn't constitute an emergency on your part!!!

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My X did the same thing, wanting a pity party. We split the boys for tax purposes. His idea. So I gave him DS1 and I took DS2. Now I did it this way on purpose. DS1 is 8 years older than DS2. When X could no longer "write-off" DS1 he stared with the every other year crap with DS2 - absolutely not I said. Whenever, X brings up crap my standard line is "Read the Agreement". That usually shuts him up!!!

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Yay for indifference!!!

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I owed a lot of taxes this year myself.

And you should care about your exH's tax situation about as much as you care about mine (a total stranger).


(big difference is that I knew this was happening and planned for it)

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Poor widdle muffin!

Do NOT give up the tax deductions. Don't even respond to him. What a jagoff.

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Heartwarming tale!

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Taxes are one of the longest we can go without paying. I think maybe people don't pay them thinking they can use the money for other things. But even IRS only waits so long.

Good for you. Lack of empathy is tough but a source of strength.

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