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Default  Posted: 5:24 AM, April 18th (Friday)

To pinkyxo, PurpleRose and Tesla,
I did not thank you properly on my previous thread and want to do so now. Thank you so much for listening and for the hugs!!

Update: My son almost committed suicide today. He walked away from the school and was about to jump off the bridge which is an overpass to the main freeway. He wrote a suicide note in his iPhone. Then thank God he called the suicide hotline who then called me.

He is in the psych unit. Because he is 15, I had to inform stbx which I did when I got home via email. I am praying that stbx does not make this situation harder for my son or me.

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Oh honey- I am so sorry.

I hope he can get the help he needs to work through his pain. :( I cannot even image how scary that must be for you. Sending love and strength...

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I'm sorry dmari. This is so hard. Just be ready for your ex making this about himself. Think ahead to how you want to respond if he does.


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PurpleRose: thank you again. I pray that he will get the help he so desperately is screaming for too.

kg201: Thank you so much for your kindness. Just be ready for your ex making this about himself. Think ahead to how you want to respond if he does. I haven't thought of how to respond ... I'm kinda just praying he doesn't do anything to make it worse.

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I am soooooooo glad he called. Thank goodness he reached out so people, especially you can help.

I hope and pray your X is not ass about this. The good news is the pysch people can keep him away if he upsets your son too much.

How are you? I know your DS is the #1 priority but you were already having it tough. Do you have any IRL support helping you right now? Its OK to take a moment and not keep it together. You're going through a lot.

Lots of ((((dmari)))) healing thoughts for all of you.

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((dmari & DS))

I just can't imagine. My mamma heart breaks with yours.

I may have reached a point where I'd piss on him if he was on fire.... eventually!!

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I am so, so sorry. I've sent you a PM.

One hour at a time at this point. Sleep. Eat. DS is in a safe place.

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How awful for your DS and for you, I am so sorry! Try and lean on someone IRL and be good to yourself. It's a heavy burden to fear for your child. Sending you some strength and peace.

Having such a loving and dependable mom who he knows he can trust must really help him at this time, I hope you can take some pride in that.

(((((Dmari DS))))

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Sending hugs and prayers your way...

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This is awful and just another example the ripple effects divorce has on families. My prayers for peace and comfort to you and your family. I also pray your ex does not respond in a manner described on this post. In times like these, the hope is everyone distinguishes what is happening and compassion and empathy and love lead the way. Please keep us posted.

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((((Dmari and son))))))

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((( damari))) my heart is breaking for you.

I will keep your son and your family in my prayers.
Tough week at SI!


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That is so awful.

I am so glad it had the better outcome!!

Please take care dmari and son.

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Oh Dmari, I'm so sorry. I hope the hospital is able to help him, and I hope he is strong enough to ask them to keep his dad out if in your son's mind he is one of the major stressors. May you all get the help you need.


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((((((Dmari & DS)))))))

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{{{dmari and littles}}}

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((dmari & ds)) I'm so sorry to read this. Thank God he reached out for help.
Sending you strength and continued prayers.

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Oh, honey. ((((((dmari & ds))))))) I'm so very glad he reached out and called the hotline. Poor guy must be in a lot of pain to have considered suicide. He is in the best possible place to get help, and the hospital may have support services available for you and your family as well. Something to consider. I know the social worker at the psych unit my DD was admitted to was a great help for us.

Sending you strength, hon. When it pours, you really need to focus on taking care of yourself. Eat. Sleep. Water. Hang in there.

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I hope he has landed in a good place and that you are able to take a moment to fall apart. Super huge hugs and support.

It takes so much energy to hold it together...

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((dmari and DS))

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(((dmari & son))))

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(((((dmari & DS)))))

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(((dmari & son)))

I'm so glad your son is safe.

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Oh no! Thank goodness he called the hotline and he's somewhere safe where he can get what he needs.

Fuck what your ex's response to you might be. I'd just make sure that he has the hospital contact info he needs to get involved if he chooses.

I wish I could swing by tonight, make you a little dinner, clean your house, and take care of whatever else you need so you can attend to your kiddos.
(((((((dmari, DD, and DS))))))

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(((((dmari and DS)))))

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Thank God that he reached out. (((hugs)))

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Strength to you and your son, dmari. Hugs too.

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Thinking of you and your family dmari. Please update us when you are able.


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Oh dmari, I'm so sorry!!! Praying for you and your son. Much love to you.

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Oh my goodness I am so sorry. Take care of you and DS and FTG!

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So thankful for the Hotline! Much strength & support coming your way!

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Oh Dmari, this must be so hard. Thank God your son reached out for help. ((Dmari & Son)) I hope he finds the help he needs.

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Dmari my heart aches for you. I have been through something similar and it just takes your breath away. There is no fear like it. Hugs to you as you find your way forward in healing both of you.

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It is so thoughtful for so many of you to reach out to me and my children during this time. I am speechless. The virtual hugs and thoughts have lifted me in a way I can't describe. Thank you! I'm going to post an update on my son as a new topic. I have felt so much love and hope from this forum! Thank you!

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