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There is a topic on here where a Moderator has been taken to task. I can say without a doubt that they are fair and honest and really do put us first. I have had first hand assistance from these people and they have been kind but firm. I was not very nice to them but in spite of it all, they gave me a second chance. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate them. They are here for me, for us and they do an outstanding job. Thank you guys. You really are The Best!!!

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Yes, they are the best. I am grateful everyday for them and this site. I can not say "Thank you!" enough. Yes, I have had to be reminded of guidelines on numerous occasions. They were nothing but kind and firm. Oh, yeah, and patient. Very patient.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Admins, Mods, and Guides)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

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I concur!! They do an outstanding job! I accidentally posted to a Stop Sign thread a month or 2 back and DS was very kind with me.

Everyone here has been remarkable and caring.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately many of us are in really shitty frame of minds when we go through this.
Mods get that and proceed with the utmost respect and caution.
There is never a reason to treat anyone rudely here and our situations do not excuse such behavior.

I applaud their ability to balance the guidelines when there are so many varying emotions at play.

Thank you Mods.

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I know that a lot of veteran members are aware of this, but DS and MH put up with a TON of abuse on the regular. DS is aware of how much the membership is hurting and she has patience and compassion for people that I don't think I could grow in ten lifetimes.

This website is a GIFT from DS and MH. Fees are optional, and every cent goes to running the website - and let me tell you this, they both pay more into this website than ANY fees or advertising could touch. EVERY SINGLE MONTH. For US.

You'll never hear about that from them because they do this out of love and not for thanks, but when I see people attacking them it hurts my heart because they don't see what really goes into this place.

Edited because sometimes I forget I'm staff.

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I saw a post from one of them this weekend reminding members to check up on the boards if they had a chance. On holiday weekends people sometimes do not have the time to visit SI and there was concern for the newbies and anyone else in pain being left without support. There were several members who responded that they would be around as much as possible.

What a wonderful group of people! Mods, Admins, Guides, and members who post in support of those in pain...I appreciate all you do and respect your dedication to help others through the hell of infidelity. You are truly the best group of people in the world!

edited to add: There is a special place in heaven for creators of this site, DS and MH. Two people who have taken a painful experience in their own lives and used it to help more people than can possibly be counted. Thank you for everything!

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I totally agree with Jaded

There is a special place in heaven for the Admin/Creators/Mods/Guides of this site.

Thank you for performing such a wonderful thankless job day in and out.

DS and MH you guys are awesome....

Anyone who is rude to you all, well they will feel Karma one day too.

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I could not agree more!
The Mods, Admin, and Guides here should be considered national treasures. Seriously.

They are not paid employees. The boatloads of time that they spend on this site are because they volunteer to do so.
Whenever I see posts of people snarking, yelling, or bitching at these good people it gets my back up QUICK!

Don't mess with our Mods (and Admin/Guides)!

Thanks for all you do. You ARE appreciated and loved.

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Mods and Admin, thank you for everything, it is so deeply appreciated.

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I had the same issue that poster had. It was resolved without incident. Even if it hadn't been I don't understand why it would be brought out on the general forum.


5. PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE: Please do not publicly post Private Messages that you've received. Also, do not share your Private Messages with other members unless you've received permission from the original sender.

That's pretty simple.


I know that a lot of veteran members are aware of this, but DS and MH put up with a TON of abuse on the regular.

In my first month here I saw an post where a banned user actually used the phrase "lily-livered" in an angry email. I mean I have seen people called all kinds of shit on the Internet but it was like George Lucas scripted a troll monologue for that one. Epic jackassery.

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I have not had any issues that involved anyone from the admins on this site except for maybe a double post or something minor. I am sooo thankful for this "place" to turn to day or night. I don't post a whole lot but now that I think WH , not ready to change to FWH yet, & I are making progress in R I will try to post more often & pay it forward. A million thanks to all that put their time & energy in to this site, helped me get through many long sleepless nights. Many thanks

Jamie :)!!

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I have found them quite helpful, supportive and forgiving. *cough cough*

Thanks, ya'll!!

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When I first became a MH I was so used to posting on stop signs and posting with them that I keep forgetting I couldn't anymore. The mods were EXTREMELY patient with me. Thanks guys!!

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I had an issue with a now banned member. Both mods and admin contacted me to see if I was okay. When I told them about her vile pm to me they took care of it immediately.

Staff here is awesome.

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I agree that it is a hard job being a Mod / Admin as I am the Administrator on a couple of other forums not infidelity related However, I will say that I was banned from one of the forums shortly after I joined SI, and I do understand why I was banned although I was given no warning nor a second chance. My mind was emotions were out of was beyond my perception to do such a simple thing as to read each of the different forums rules.

Good job to all of you are appreciated.

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I agree, they are incredible people who volunteer in an almost anonymous fashion to help others. This forum has saved many of us, including myself.

But! The member who posted the topic was dealt with by a moderator, I'm sure that further guidance has been provided to the member in the form of a private message since her post was locked.

Let's let the mods do their jobs and stay out of it. If the mods decide to let her stay we have no right to passive aggressively call her out in a public forum, remember that this is a place for those that are hurting, I bet most of us have hit out in an inappropriate manner at some stage during our healing.

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I would also like to chime in with my gratitude for the owners of this site. It has been very valuable for our reconciliation. Thanks very much, MH and DS.

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Let's let the mods do their jobs and stay out of it.
Hmm. Didn't see anyone on this thread trying to do a Mod's job or call other members out. (Which is a guideline violation and flag worthy) Just a group of people supporting and high giving the Mods. I'm sure if anyone in this thread was inappropriate, they would be handled accordingly.

Thanks Admins, Mods, and Guides. Y'all are awesome.

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Let's let the mods do their jobs and stay out of it.
As long as you're giving us props, keep it coming. Everyone else, stay out of it.

Just kidding!!!

In all seriousness, I do this because I enjoy helping out at a site that meant so much in saving my marriage and aided in my (and H's) healing in such a huge way.

And I want to reiterate what some others have touched on. Members don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Things are always done for a reason and for the good of the site and its members. DS and MH deal with a lot of crap. Some of the emails they get are ridiculous and beyond rude. This is the stuff you don't see.

They invited us into their 'home', on their dime, years ago, and continue to do so. And they run the site with grace and generosity of spirit (not to mention countless hours of their day---every day).

So yeah...SI is awesome .

Take up your space (and do it well).

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I definitely don't intend to belittle the violation involved in publishing a private message, but if I had that sort of issue, I'd want exactly the sort of response that was published.

Personally, I'd also expect some glitches in getting the problem resolved....

I remain convinced that SI works because of good, workable guidelines and consistent but gentle enforcement. The staff have made my recovery a lot easier than it would have been without SI.

Musing ... I think every single staff member since I joined has written something that has helped me. And probably every one has written something that made me laugh, too.

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I agree that SI is awesome!! Due to our members and extremely dedicated Staff...everyone makes this site what it is today, which is hands down the best infidelity site on the internet

I think it's very important to remember that there are real people with real feelings behind the screen names. We are all human and if someone has an issue with something on the site, we'll do our best to fix it, but we don't have to put up with rude remarks and quiet honestly...we won't.

You all keep SI moving forward and I want to thank you all for your time, effort and help!!

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Sorry for the t/j but I looove the fact that I don't have to censor my language here. I am talking about in general like being able to say my day just fucking sucked. Not to be used against any member to cause harm but to just be able to vent without worrying that I will banned for cursing. I was a part of another forum & literally if you said damn or something mild you were reprimanded:( Needless to say I am not a part of that forum anymore. Jamie

BS early 50's Wh also early 50's. I am Jamie, Mom to 3 great teens/young adults. My WH and I have been together more than half of our lives and married 25+. We are in MC & going to give R our best shot, hoping and praying for a better 2013!

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from DSI agree that SI is awesome!!

Well, I would hope you feel that way!!

And just to elaborate on the behind the scenes stuff that was referred to:
Any action taken to flag or reprimand or ban a user is a *group* decision. The SI hierarchy has a *meeting of the minds* and decides (as a group) what action (if any) should be taken.
(hope I didn't over-step, I just wanted to make clear that *vendettas* by admins/mods aren't a part of the process.....and if they are, the other admins/mods talk that person *off the ledge*....but no one is out to *get* anyone.)

....and now I'm off to find the thread that started this topic.......

eta: Ok. Read it. Don't really understand what happened because any time I've contacted DS over any type of *administrative* issue it's been addressed in a timely fashion. A lot of work goes into running a heavily trafficked website and I think that MH and DS do a very good job of staying on top of everything that happens here in addition to living a *real* life too.
I also wanted to add that I have a lot of appreciation and respect for the people who have taken on *administrative*-type positions here. Sometimes your own life is going to shit, but you are your support and letting someone know that his/her voice has been heard. And your concern is *for real* guys take your positions seriously and don't just *phone it in*. And so I add my "Thanks" to all of you.

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We <3 you guys!

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Ditto, ditto, ditto. Thank you for all you do.

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Right there with everyone else on the "KUDOS to ALL the mods & admin people on this site".

I, myself, have been "reprimanded" (very nicely & tactfully, I must add) when I broke the rules learning the ropes of SI & cannot believe they take all this on voluntarily. I can only imagine all the crap they truly deal with behind the scenes, so THANK YOU so much for taking the time out of your own lives to help us with ours!!!

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