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Hi all!
I am meeting with my lawyer to start the divorce process next week.

Here is my question:

I am going for sole custody.
I do not want to have my current home in the divorce.

I want to move out and start fresh with my son and a part time job (I was a stay at home)

Is it best to get a job part time and purchase a home before proceedings?
Here is the angle: I want to show the judge that I have a plan and can at least have a home to live in.


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Best to get a part time job first.

Check with your lawyer but if you purchase a home now before the divorce it maybe considered an asset of the marriage.

Will your ex buy you out the of current home or will you need to sell and split the proceeds or maybe you can use the equity (if any) to gain sole custody.

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This is a legal strategy question best answered by your attorney

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