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Default  Posted: 4:57 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

The younger two bananas haven't seen asshat for a year... last year, he sent them both away for different reasons, saying they were not welcome at his house anymore. The bunch tried to see him around Thanksgiving and about two months ago but he backed out both times, claiming illness (once the flu, once pneumonia).

Last week, BananaGirl14 asked if she could text him to see if they could meet up before we move out of state on Thursday. I said sure but don't get your hopes up.

I was honestly surprised when she said he made arrangements to drive to us (about three hours) and take them to lunch (at a fast food restaurant... one where BananaBoy20 works. Good choice, dude ).

Yesterday morning, surprise surprise... BG14 came in my room, sobbing, saying he'd texted to say he woke up sick and didn't think he'd be able to make it for lunch the next day. He asked for the next weekend and she pointed out, um, we'll be GONE then. He then said he'd try to get down to see her for dinner this week.

She is pissed. Baby banana didn't want to see him anyway. Oldest girl said screw him. Boy banana just said "It figures."

Dude. They are LEAVING THE STATE. Make an effort, FFS!

I just don't get it.

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Default  Posted: 5:00 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

I will never understand sperm/egg donors like this.
I'd like to nut punch ex-asshat for you (and your beautiful babies).

((( Banana14 )))

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Default  Posted: 5:08 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

(((((the bunch))))) I'm so sorry, nanners. Your bunch deserves SO much more.

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Default  Posted: 5:10 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

What a miserable excuse for a human being! In a way it's good that you're moving, less opportunities for him to disappoint the kids again...

I'm so sorry for hearing what you and the kiddos are going through! If I may say so, I'd strongly suggest counselling for them once you get settled in your new place. I know I still deal with abandonment issues and related issues, and I wish I had started counselling much much sooner, because it would have helped much more much sooner.

Best wishes to all of you!

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Default  Posted: 5:17 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

I am so sorry for your bunch... My girls haven't seen the Doosh in forever either- the oldest since Nov 2011, and the teenager since July 2013.

How in the hell do,you just walk away from your KIDS? I don't and won't ever understand.

I hope the distance makes this easier on them, but I don't believe it truly will. :(

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Default  Posted: 7:51 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

I'm so sorry wb, but unfortunately, his behavior is nothing if not consistent. ((Hugs)) to the kids, and can't wait to hear how the move goes - you all have bigger and better things coming your way.

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Default  Posted: 8:13 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

What a piece of crap he is! Hold the bunch extra close. They're good kids; he has no clue what he is tossing aside. Asshole.

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Default  Posted: 8:35 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

(((lil nanners)))

It's a shame he is more wrapped up in himself than others. Sending prayers of peace out to your kids and best wishes with your move.


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Default  Posted: 9:17 PM, May 4th (Sunday)


My heart goes out to your bunch. I'm glad they have a mom that is always there for them.

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Default  Posted: 9:24 PM, May 4th (Sunday)



I'm hoping she is too busy saying good bye to her friends and other love ones to be bothered with him!!!!

Man this type of shit pisses me off for you and your kids!!!


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Default  Posted: 9:42 PM, May 4th (Sunday)

I just don't get this....I really don't. I can't even go a freaking day without at least calling to say have a great time at dads and I love you. How can one go weeks, and then bail out knowing their kids will be moving?!! I'm so angry for you and your kids. Such an ass

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Default  Posted: 12:13 AM, May 5th (Monday)


I'm sorry he can't follow through but glad you're all getting a new start.

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Concerned  Posted: 12:46 AM, May 5th (Monday)

This breaks my heart for your children.

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Default  Posted: 1:09 AM, May 5th (Monday)

So sorry for the bunch and for you dealing with their disappointment time and time again. Kinda sounds like he gets sick at the thought of being there for his own kids. How effing sad and screwed up is that?

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Default  Posted: 6:18 AM, May 5th (Monday)

Awwwwwww....This breaks my heart for your children. What the hell is wrong with him? I don't have enough evil foul words to describe how I feel about an asshole that has no problems getting their kids hopes up and then dashing them. I am so glad that they have you to mitigate the damage from him.

((((hugs))) for you because I know how heartbreaking this is for a mom....

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Default  Posted: 7:52 AM, May 5th (Monday)


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Default  Posted: 11:00 AM, May 5th (Monday)


What a sad clown asshat he is.

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Default  Posted: 11:12 AM, May 5th (Monday)

Thanks all... and yeah, I'm starting to wonder if this is psychosomatic, that he can't face them because he's screwed up so royally.

They're good bananas. He has no clue what he's missing!

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Default  Posted: 6:11 PM, May 5th (Monday)

I've seen the pain that a child goes through when their father ignores them. I am so sorry your bunch is going through this. Putting distance between you will make it a lot easier. Then if he wants to visit he can make a very long drive before they even get their hopes up.

It is his loss but it is a shame that they feel the pain. I am so sorry. I hope you all enjoy the adventure of the move to the new place and the girls ae super excited about starting something new.

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Default  Posted: 7:35 PM, May 5th (Monday)

I don't understand how fathers can neglect their children or treat them so cruelly like that. I'm sorry your bunch is hurting.

FTG and his supposed illness!

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Default  Posted: 7:16 PM, May 7th (Wednesday)

Cheese and crackers.

What an douche.



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Default  Posted: 8:46 PM, May 7th (Wednesday)

He is such an ass. Calling in sick? GFY.

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Default  Posted: 9:03 PM, May 7th (Wednesday)

This just makes my heart hurt. I'm so sorry for your bunch. What a complete loser.

My older two kids dealt with this with their birth mother for years. Every time she popped her head up in their lives, they always thought "this time she'll want me, this time she'll love me." She never did. She broke their hearts so many times. Now? They have no contact whatsoever. Stupid bitch. There's a special hell for evil people like them.

Give them some extra hugs and watch out for the aftermath - they're sure to have a lot of anger and hurt from this.

((You and the bunch))

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Default  Posted: 9:30 PM, May 7th (Wednesday)

Sending hugs to you and the bunch from me and Lil Silver

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