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Ughhhh...really, I had to find out about another site he was using.

Yesterday my WH texted me a CL ad about housesitting a cat for someone in out area, I love cats, it was a cute ad. In the evening I was looking for the ad again so I went to his phone CL app to look in his search history to find the ad. Within the search history I found the words tits and boobs. I was so disgusted. He said he was looking out of amusement and the searches were from a long time ago. But I can not tell when he made those searches.

I do believe him that the searches were from a while ago, but really why did I have to find this now. I asked him before if there is anything else he is hiding from me, any other websites he was using. At the time he told me I know about everything, obviously that was not true.

This morning I told him I need him to really think about what sites and applications he used to look at porn and to contact other women. Even though he may not be doing the activity now it still sucks to find out about them later.

Ugh...why do all of these sites exist? People find ways to ruin sites created for innocent purposes.

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Hmm. Amusement?

Yeah. Not buying it.

There's enough porn on the internet that he could have gone to any number of sites to see "boobs" and "tits."

He was looking at a hookup site full of local girls.

Ask him what was so amusing about that site?

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Ugh I'm sorry. My husband posted multiple sex ads on craigslist for "amusement" and to joke around with people. Yeah I sure wasn't laughing when I found those, still not :/. It's the #1 reason why I can't believe he never had a PA, since he was obviously seeking one and got responses

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Yep, my fwh used craigslist to post ads for NSA sex. When that failed, he decided to try escorts. Oddly, even most of them turned him down, because he was married. One didn't...

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Yeah. Not buying it.

There's enough porn on the internet that he could have gone to any number of sites to see "boobs" and "tits."

He was looking at a hookup site full of local girls.

I also am not buying it. Puh-leeze.

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Nope, I don't either. Also I can't see history from that long ago still being close to the cat ad he recently viewed.
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