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We're celebrating my birthday this weekend. It says something great that my BW insisted that I got to have a birthday this year, but that's not what this post is about.

She picked up my cake this afternoon and we just opened up the box. We can tell that she cornered just a little too fast in her sports car on the way home with the cake in the trunk.

We're laughing about this and she joked that it can be a symbol for our marriage. It might be a lopsided, but its still delicious birthday cake.
'Cornered too fast cake'
It's not profound, but we're laughing and about to eat birthday cake together.

Me: WH
Her: BW
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Enjoy your lopsided cake, and happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

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we're laughing and about to eat birthday cake together

Definitely a moment to cherish, NGU.

Happy Birthday!

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