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I know, I know. These stories are a dime a dozen on this Forum.

It has been planned for over a month for STBXH to take the kids to a local exhibition that they are really interested in. Now four days before the event, STBXH has a softball game during half the exhibition.

"The kids will be fine only seeing a few hours of it." Yeah right! DS12 is so excited that he signed up for the pre-event onsite campout. DD17 has actually shown excitement, which is unheard of in an 17yo girl. DS8 is the only one who might get bored.

But Dipshit's softball game is more important than his kids' activity. So I'll take the kids to the event. If Dipshit (hey new name for STBXH!) wants to show up for the second half, fine.

I knew on the list of his priorities that I fell somewhere below online porn and above yard work, but I thought at least the kids were more important to him.

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Feel your pain. The Dooosh routinely took my ds10 to watch "dad of the year" play softball on his Thursday night visitation.

Yeah, he has one night a week with his son- Thursdays are his. And he joined a team that played on that night. My son called me multiple times crying from his dad's car in the parking lot where he was waiting. He didn't want to watch those games. And he had tons of homework to do- that was not with him but back at his dad's house usually! Or he was hungry/thirsty/tired. Sometimes it was after 9 when he would call. :(

Such fine specimens.

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What a loser.. Hope you enjoy the event with the kids!

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What an idiot. Softball must be pretty fucking awesome that he's choosing it over his kids.

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Well, if the exhibition doesn't:

a. interest your STBX (clearly, it's not a porn exhibition)


b. somehow allow him to show off how awesome and involved he is as a parent (Photo op and/or: "Look at my sonny play out there-- that's MY kid... I'm so proud of him!")


c. show off some aspect of himself to the kids that he perceives as awesome (like his mad softball skills!)

then of course he doesn't care. I find that my ex is motivated pretty much by those three choices when it comes to my kids.

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^ding ding ding... tryingagain for the win!

Who knew softball was such a big deal to a WS?

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even if you find your voice,
sometimes it does not matter anymore,
when you speak to a man who is deaf by choice.

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I love how self involved they truly are, with no regards to the impact it has on kids.

I have learned throughout the years to somehow manipulate the NPD actions, sometimes by pointing out how great he would look or how it would benefit him to attend the kid event it would make him do it.

Sometimes reverse psychology works, although, long term I am not sure of how much more dissapointing/damaging it is to our kids.

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